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IPod Touch Game Recommendations?





Angry Birds all up in this.


Slayer pinball, unless you have a history of seizures.


Found these so far:

Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles (Free)

Real Racing 2:


Crush the Castle.

It's like Angry Birds, but I'd say Angry Birds ripped off (don't know for sure) Crush the Castle.


I am surprised no one has mentioned Grand Theft Auto "Chinatown Wars" , and I highly recommend Tap Tap Revenge 3 , and World Series of Poker


Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Words with Friends, Fruit Ninja..

Those are my 4 favorites.

Words with friends especially. If you have friends you can play with it's awesome, but even if you don't you can match up with random people and have a blast too... It's basically scrabble over the internet. Pretty fun and challenging...

If you get it it's 99 cents, or free (only difference is the free version you have to put up with advertisements after every turn). Also, if you get it shoot me a game invite. My user name is the same as here: DTP88



Angry Birds gets downloaded like crazy. Zombie Farm was funny but became tedious after I had to KEEP looking after the Zombie Crops (yeah sounds good doesn't it? haha).


Unblock Me- move the block through the exit.


Text Twist- you twist the text.