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IPod Question


Long story but I have two iPods and no access to the computers that I loaded them up from...and they each have different music on them.

These iPods are getting old and I want to buy a new one. Could the guy at the Apple store load all the stuff from both old iPods onto a new one for me?


You can use a program like this guy: http://www.kennettnet.co.uk/products/musicrescue/

To do it yourself if you like.


If you make hidden folders visible, you can copy/paste the songs and transfer them where you like.
It's pretty simple.
Go to ipod from my computer
Go to tools>folder options>view>show hidden folders, drives
You'll get a bunch of F01, F02 iirc. This is where the music on your ipod is hidden and coded under bullshit names. They're all your mp3s but just under coded names.


I recently moved files from my Ipod to my computer without any special program by doing the things listed here http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-move-music-from-your-ipod-to-your-pc-in-5-easy-steps/
I'm assuming doing this and then moving files from the computer to the new ipod would solve your problem


I may try to do those things but my computer is old and really going to shit...does anyone know if the guys in the Apple store can do what I need?


Cant help you here MacGyver.

Another question for those that are technological advanced: I have my iTunes on one lap-top, but I want to transfer it to my new MacBook. In plain English, how do I go about doing this?



1) Find a USB stick big enough to hold your entire Itunes library.

2) Drag your iTunes music folder onto this usb stick

3) Eject the USB stick from old computer

4) Plug in the USB stick into your new macbook

5) Drag the iTunes music folder off the USB stick and onto your new macbook