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I just got mine today in the mail at 8:45am I love it!!! Well spent money. Solid built metal not a plastic piece of crap like most MP3 players.

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Silas C.


has anyone ever told you that you have too much disposable income?

Congrats on the ipod... I wouldn't mind having one myself.


I'm not much for "gadgets" but I'll probably get an iPod before I get a cell phone.

But I'll never have enough disposable income to have a $450 dinner at a restaurant.


I been working all my life, saved a little and also invested a little. So, in the end I treat myself occasionally :wink:.


fuck ipods
they suck
apple sucks
apple customer service sucks

biggest waste of a graduation present EVER.


send it to me! I'll pay for the shipping.


biltritewave, how do you really feel about apple?