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Ipod Interval Training


I may be late on this but I came across a nice little script that sets up an interval training playlist that alerted me every 1 minute then 2 minutes and so on...


If you don't want to goof with the script you can do it yourself in iTunes, right-click on a song and choose - Get Info. In the Options tab, set the song's stop time.

Man, this made today's run go so much better. I was able to push out two extra sprints. Thought this might help a few others out there.



I did this for Tabata front squats the couple times I tried them at home. 20 seconds of heavy metal alternated with 10 seconds of the song "Don't Worry Be Happy", it was funny making it, but was very taunting by the fourth set.


Ooooo Tabata is a monster. Yeah, I can see where it would become the best/worst of both worlds.


Cool, thanks! I hate watching the clock.