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Ipod Incompatibility?

Here’s an article on CNN that’s puzzling me mightily.

Here’s the link to the article:

and here’s the para. I don’t get:
“Today, songs purchased from Apple’s online iTunes Music Store can’t be played on portable devices made by other companies. Songs purchased from many other online music stores also won’t work on iPods because they similarly use a form of copy-protection that Apple doesn’t support.”

Ok, but I’ve purchased music in the iTunes store, converted it to mp3 and it plays fine on my Archos mp3 player. I’m sure that if I know how to do this, everyone else on the planet who is sufficiently tech literate to program a VCR can do it (in other words, it might have baffled my parents, but my oldest nephew could do it without instructions). So, what am I missing that this is so prevalent a problem?