ipod for workout

Would you guys reccommend an ipod for working out if i wasn’t running. They wont break if im not doing any cardio, right?

Its unlikely it would break but it might weigh a bit for that and be a little bulky. Depends on what you are doing I guess.

If you get a arm band holder Accessory it should not fall or break.

I’ve seen people with them in the gym, and asked how they liked them. They love the small size of the iPod and the “ear buds.”

I’ve had an ipod since they first came out. They’ve made several improvements since I got one, but I’ve had no problems with it running or lifting. They make a wide variety of cases/belts/etc to hold it. Good luck.

I just got one for Christmas. I guess I was a good boy. As far as I can tell, you won’t have any problems. Then again, I haven’t really “tested” it yet.

It’s a great little gizmo. It’s fun having 2000 songs at my fingertips.

Dan “8.38 GB and counting” McVicker

Get the iriver mp3 player that holds 1.5gigs the ipod 40gig is too much at least for me.

One thing about the IPOD I like a lot eventhough I don’t have one but, I will be purchasing one soon. Is that they are the first MP3/portable system that gives out good headphones when you purchase the equipment. Most company gives out those cheezy plastic headsets that I can’t stand!

I have had one for about 6 months, haven’t had any problems. I attach it to my waistband of my shorts and adjust it depending on the exercise. The one draw back is wearing a PL belt for ME moves, then I attach it to the belt and it hasn’t bothered me yet.

One thing to remember about the arm bands is to check the size. I know my arms are too big for a lot of them, and while im decently sized (16.5") I’m by no means huge. They seem to be often designed for smaller guys.