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IPod Armbands

I just got one of those armband things for xmas. Now I get to the gym today and my friend proceeds to tell me that they’re actually bad for your arm. They actually can cut off the oxygen flow/blood circulation to that arm since your lifting heavy stuff. This in turn causes the arm to get fatigued quicker than the other arm, possibly reducing growth.

One option would be to loosen it (obviously) but it just falls down to my forearm. Can anyone else relate to this problem? Is it even true? Should I just ditch the whole armband thing and just put it into my pocket?

I don’t know but that shit is so fucking annoying…

I normally only put it on my arm whenever I am doing something explosive or a huge compound movement. Otherwise I just fold the arm strap over and stick it down my shorts a little bit, or in my pocket if I have some.

Exactly why I want to buy the newest Ipod shuffle, have you seen those things? fucking tiny and they clip anywhere…

I bought a soft case for my iPod (one of the big ones) with a clip; I clip it to the waistband of my shorts and run the earbud cord up under my shirt and out the collar; keeps the wires out of my way, and I just have to shift the iPod itself from hip to back depending on the exercise.

I tried rocking the armband with my 1st gen mini, and it sucked. I just clipped it to my waistband after that, as it would fall out of my pockets when doing declines etc. Im not so sure the new ones even come with the clip anymore, other than the new shuffle which is pretty much tailor made for the gym. the only problem is its so friggin small I misplace it all the time. It gets lost in the clutter anywhere I put it.

More importantly, the arm band makes you look like a tool.

Don’t you guys have pockets in your shorts?

I only wear an armband on my nike mp3 player when I run, other than that I leave it in my shorts when I lift.

Well the mistake a lot of people do is put it around their bicep. I put it in the area between my Deltoid and Bicept. That way it won’t move up or down as I exercises, even if my Deltoid or Bicep swell it won’t affect the band. Plus can have it loose and it won’t fall, nor will cut ur blood flow.

HOWEVER… if the Trycept swells then it will affect the tighness of the band + blood flow. So when it starts getting a just lil’ tight I loosen it a bit.

Also, I have the cable run INSIDE my shirt. I will get sweaty but I hated it would get in the way.

[quote]NeoSpartan wrote:

I’m not usually one to pick on spelling… but come on man!

My fiance got me the new Ipod shuffle for an early Christmas present, and I love it. It’s less than half the size of the original shuffle, and clips on whatever easily. I wear it on my waistband, with the headphone wires under my shirt, and it works perfectly. I love the thing. So in my opinion, just buy the new shuffle and clip it to your waist band.

[quote]jtrinsey wrote:
NeoSpartan wrote:

I’m not usually one to pick on spelling… but come on man!

Hey I am noob, and didn’t pay much attention to the spelling of muscle groups in my H.S Anatomy class back in 04.

yet again… shame on me I should have known this :frowning: