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does anyone have a heads-up on the ‘IPL’ supply company out of Isreal?

Yea, I do… eli is a doushebag, stay away from there. Get a good domestic source and stick with it. Otherwise you are asking for trouble.

Squatty knows a lot. :slight_smile:

depending on who you ask, we all know alot. hell, if you ask my 9 year old he will tell you he knows alot. this had nothing to do with this thread. just fealt like posting it. i am bored. i think i will go get a hummer.

hopefully the hummer puts you in a better mood drago. I believe that eli has been accused of selling fake primo as well. Not to mention, his prices are pretty bad.

Oh, and glad I have your respect merlin… it’s good to be able to exchange info with bro’s who know about this game, as many do on this forum… even the nine year olds drago was talking about.

yep it did the trick. god i feel better. what a release. i think i saw some coming out of her nose.