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IPL Drug Tested World Championships

Here’s the livestream:

Hopefully we will see some big lifts.

Take note, those who think the IPF is the only legit drug-tested fed.


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Been my experience is that most Feds whom are serious tend to mainly focus on the top lifters ( due to cost)… So the notion of a completely true drug free organization is a fallacy IMO.

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They will never get rid of drugs, and not just in PL but any sport where they have a potential benefit. Life isn’t fair, and anyone who can’t cope should just forget about competitive sports altogether.

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Huge. Hoping to compete in USPA Drug Tested nationals next year myself. But def not strong enough yet to be competitive. Maybe I’ll qualify for the world level by the time I’m a Submaster or Master

I just dont like all the restrictions that USAPL/IPF have.

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I’m not sure whether to like this or call you bad names.

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What kind of big names are competing? It’s cool to get some competition with the IPF going or else those guys can do whatever the fuck they want just because they are the biggest

That’s exactly what I was wondering, I didn’t even hear about this meet until today. @Vincepac1500 should have signed up.

The only thing with this meet is that the qualifying standards aren’t very high, like for the 110kg/242 class raw no wraps you need 635kg which is the same as the CPU and OPA (that’s Canadian and Ontario IPF affiliates) qualifying standard for provincials and nationals in the 105kg class. It kind of gives the impression that they don’t have a lot of people signing up for their drug tested meets, unfortunately.

I was paying you a compliment :+1: Only use that gif on statements I agree with 1000%

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Is ipl a form of uspa? I think I heard of this. I’m all messed up right now. if this is the one with like $500 to win your weight class and another $500 for best lifter, I wanted to do it but now my elbow/ forearm is hurting. Knee feels most good but ever since I pulled that 815 off blocks my elbow / forearm had given me problems. Woke up today and can’t straighten my arm without pain.

Yeah, USPA is the US affiliate for IPL. I was trying to see who is lifting in the meet, didn’t find that but apparently Steve Dennison (the USPA president) is the meet director.

Shit, everytime I see you post something lately you have some kind of pain going on, not a good sign. Maybe taking a couple months off from any big lifts and just doing volume instead would be a good idea.

Its only recently. Usually small things that heal up. This time while my knee healed something happened with my arm. Gonna take a few days off this time

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