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IPhone Users & iTouch


check this out



does this only apply if you live in the USA?


Not sure. Best bet is to check the company's website.


For iphone it sounds like a bit of hassle to pay 2 bills just to save $5 or maybe $15 per month.


Depends how many calls you make, or if you run a business using your mobile.

Looks cool, apple apps rocking it as usual.


as mentioned, more useful if you talk a ton, or have a business. nice to have a 1800 line if you want linked to your cell


Thanks for posting Jehova, this is awesome I'm going to get it right now and try it for 30 days anyway. I must say apple really doesn't think things through for a program like this to get made, And lets not even start on how man Iphone's/Ipod touch's out there that are jailbroken. Tho I guess its unavoidable for people to hack programs. Either way great find.