IPhone Jailbroken and Tethering

Just got an email from ATT saying that they see I am tethering without the tethering plan. I’m still on the unlimited plan from getting the original phone.

it is jailbroken and have been tethering for a few years now.

they said I either need to opt for the tethering plan which limits me to 4GB (it’s my only source of internet currently) or stop tethering.

anyone else get this email?

Loling and how unlimited data is somehow not unlimited. It amazes me how I can still hate AT&T more but somehow they manage.

According to this site the theory is they are sending this to people who go over a certain amount of data per month. They suggest you call in and pretend you have no idea what tethering is and that you are just watching a lot of Netflix on your phone.


thanks, that was the exact email I got

Yeah, don’t worry about it.

Or, move to Verizon.