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IPhone Gym Tracking App?


I was wondering if anyone here can suggest some good app for tracking progress in gym. There's iFitness,but so many exercises are missing.


probably go read a menshealth and do some crossfit.


I have a droid and there's an app called bpdybuilder. It has a lot of stuff..meaurement and supp log too.

I'm not a phone or tech guy so idk if the app stores have the same stuff or not.


I'm sorry to hear that you still live in a cave.


A notebook.


iFitness tracks everything. Breaks your workout down by week/month/year. Keeps good stats tracks how much calories you had for the day and, will keep track of your body measurements. Best 99cents I've ever spent.




Dude I am still pro microsoft, but the ipod touch is definitely a sweet piece of tech.


You bastard, if they had Zune's here I'd be all over one. You cannot compare an iPod to a Zune with regards to music function.


The zune freakin' kicks ass as far as music funciton is concerned. It doesn't jumble up the song order like iTunes and auto updates from your library. Mine got stolen last year I still miss it. Why not just import one?


I planned on it, but Windows Phone is just about the same, and will be even more similar with the update later this year.


To the OP: If you can just make an excel spreadsheet on your phone. I have a droid and am tracking all my stuff (diet, lifts, etc) that way. If you know how to use excel you don't need any of those phoo phoo apps that Pootie was talkin about ..

To Pootie and RSGZ: way to make this thread your own .. remind me not to invite you to my wedding or y'all might just run up in my bitch...


Been there, done that. ZING!!


Gym buddy- great app- tracks last 5 times exercise done- has timer if needed - allows to add custom exercises, etc.


...just another reason you're not invited


@ Pootie - LOL!

@ Polo - Don't get married!


Can I come?



Looks like a good idea Polo.

Would still go check out Apple app, thanks Pootie. I tried to search for this some time ago but came back to my notebook. Best function ever would be updating once everywhere - phone to internet to blog/training log to T Nation etc.