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IPhone 5S


Who's buying?


Not this guy.


But there's a gold version!!


I'm more than happy with my iphone 5, especially now that is has iOS 7.


When I first saw the iOS7 on mine, I immediately thought some kid did this w/crayons.


I get where your coming from, but like a new phone case the new design has made me feel like I've got an entirely new phone again.


I am!! Time to retire my old school iPhone 3GS. :slight_smile:


True. & I'm sure once I figure out all the tips & tricks it'll be 2nd nature. The one thing that sets me off, is you can't delete songs from your music. The past OS allowed you to swipe to delete. It can not be done here.


Fuck a iPhone.

They have been Samsunged.


Ah, that sucks. Thankfully for me I use my retired iPhone 4 for all my music.


I'm mbdix... And I approve this message.


I agree with the first statement. I'm looking at the MotoX (made in Texas) and the Nokia Lumia. Im waiting until the new Nexus somes out to make a final decision on my next phone.


my store got a whopping 5 iphone 5cs so after thst twenty minutes I've been just ordering them for people. the gold ones where shipping even at 9am on the 28th of October. it's fun to watch the people who need the phone NOW drive from store to store, and get the same "we can order it for you response" this is the same thing that's happened since the original EDGE iphone and every one that's come since. even when I switched positions from at&t to Verizon still the same


This guy is staying away till the price is much cheaper. Like in 3 months...just kidding. I can not upgrade till a year from now.


Whats the point of getting the phone RIGHT when it comes out besides being a douchey hipster? I'm genuinely curious.


they all come in and the look of hurt on their faces is priceless. just order it and wait it's ok you'll get the phone and the box will even have your name on it.


You can delete songs from your iPhone, just swipe the other way


I think it's funny that the people that wait in line to buy one of these phones passes the time in line by playing on the previous iPhone model.


iPhone5S == just in case you weren't happy giving the government all your texts, calls, and GPS position, now you can surrender your biometrics, too!