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IPhone 4


Pre-ordered mine today, can't wait to get it on the 24th, looks amazing.


Click on the link "watch the iphone4 video" to get the details on some of the changes etc.


That front facing camera is going to take sexting to a whole new level...

But yeah, it looks badass. Once my blackberry falls apart I'm going to get it.


Yeah man although the front facing camera will probably not get much use until other phones are capable of video calls or more people start using the iphone. Sick feature though.


The problem is AT&T. I had them for years and then eventually got an iphone 3G 16gig. The first six months were great. It was cool, and all that jazz. Then everyone got one. Then I started dropping calls. At first it was only one or two a day. Then it was 5 or 10. Then it started costing me money and I switched to Verizon and haven't dropped a call since. What happened is (as was explained to me by AT&T as after I finally talked to a human after waiting for hours trying to cancel my service) people clog the band width with all of the apps and online activity. So much that it affects the phone service. Fuck that. I loved my iphone when it did what it was supposed to do. AT$T dropped the fucking ball big time.


Im excited for the new iPhone. I didnt order mine today (cause I was too busy) but I'm gonna go into the ATT store tomorrow and hook that shit up. I've had the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G... time for an upgrade. The HD video thing is siiiiiiick! I think everyone on T-Nation should go buy one so that no one has an excuse not to post pics or vids :slightly_smiling:



It's also going to completely ruin any chance of lying to your parents, girlfriend, or boyfriend. They can simply call you, and if they don't believe that your "sleeping at your best friends house" or "at the game with your boys" they can simply ask you to FaceChat them. WERE SCREWED!


A few people have some harsh words about the future of AT&T


I don't get people that bash AT&T as far as service. I guess I'm lucky to not live in the sticks. AT&T perfect reception here, where as Verizon won't get a signal at work because of the roof.


the thing is that you've gotta be on wifi to use the face time thing... if you're "at the gym" then your set cause youjust say you cant get on wifi! :slight_smile:



I just moved and I get SHIT for service with AT&T and terrible 3G in the middle of the city.

They claim nothing's wrong.

I highly suggest going with Verizon, I was changing phone companies earlier this year and went with Verizon and an android phone and decided at the last minute to change to the iPhone. I regret it often.


Don't know about that bud, pretty much everywhere has WiFi now, and you'd have to be dating someone pretty dumb to buy that excuse. I'm not much for lying, but I know that a lot of people are going to get caught with the face to face chat feature.

There were plenty of times in high school when I told my parents that I was sleeping at my best friends house when in truth I was getting hammered at some girls rager. I'm sure kids/boyfriends/girlfriends will eventually find a way around it, but I think it definitely changes the game.


yeah I know they do but most places WIFI isnt free.... so you always have that working for ya.

as far as changing the game goes you're sure right about that. I'll be happy though when I have kinds some time in the faaaaaar away future. those little bastards wont be able to lie to me! Mwwwahahahahaah!



It looks like a fantastic piece of hardware.

It's a shame about the software side of things though, still lots of features are being held back, only to be released in the "iPhone 4s" which will be claimed to be revolutionary, yet again.

Not this time, I'll stick with my Jailbroken 3G which still has more useful features than this upcoming model.

Also, you NEED the other person to have an iphone for video chat to work, and it's WIFI only as mentioned - really that useful? Nah.

We're lucky in the UK in that it's on various networks but the primary one (O2) has really good service and reception, but new pricing is also a ripoff.


yeah its pretty weak how they release one or two new feautres when you know the iphone that is released 5 years from now is already built and being used by Steve Jobbs.... Its bullshit but its a business so thats how it goes. I think the video chat over wifi thing kinda sucks but i'm sure the it'll be running over the actual network seen enough



The FaceTime video chat also only works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. Plus there is still no tethering. Still no free navigation. Still AT&T only (which charges $30+ more per month than Sprint for unlimited voice/text/data).

Oh, and iAds. WFT is that all about? If I pay $200 for a phone I don't want ads popping up all the time.

I've got an iPhone 3G right now, but I'll be getting an HTC Evo when my contract expires in January (or a better Sprint phone that comes out between now and then).


just wait for the new blackberry :slightly_smiling: The new bold already is a great piece of software


that HTC looks pretty sick. I saw a guy messing around with one and it was awesoem. I had sprint before but where I live sprint sucks balls.



Well to clear things up, I sell cell phones, have since August of 08 and know a thing or two about them, get to play with them daily etc.

Iphone data rates: $15 is 200 MB of Data, $25 is 2 GB of Data
Texting: $5 250 Messages, $15 1500, $20 Unlimited
Rate Plans: $39.99 450 Minutes

So Rough Estimate 84.99 for 450 minutes, unlimited text and 2 gigs of data which is almost impossible to go over...

Sprint Evo: $69.99 450 minute everything data and messaging.
4G Network(Which is not even up besides in a very select few amount of places) $10 and is required on the Evo...

So Evo is costing you 79.99 a month

Which in return is not that big of a difference.

iPhone4 is going to have the clearest and best screen ever on a phone, the camera and hd recording is going to be phenominal...Megapixels do not matter much at all in the quality of a photo and only truly take affect when blowing a photo up...Multitasking is huge and to have a phone that runs stable while having multiple apps open at the same time conserving battery is a great feature. Too many droid customers complain about the phone slowing down when they have 5 things open at once...The phone also has the ability to group apps based on similarites, in a folder system where it will label the folder according to what's in it...Then we have the face calling and although only available on the iphone4, with it already being sold out through pre-order, a lot of people will hae this phone and use it. Last, it's apple, and apple has a system where things just click together, everything is smooth, the basic features such as the ipod, itunes etc., are still some of the most valuable tools used by iphone users. Unlike a lot of other smartphones, all the features apple brings to the table, create synergy where the end product of everything working together is greater than if adding things together individually.

And I hate to say it, but the blackberry bold is nothing too special, it's just another blackberry...

Now I am also not knocking on the Evo or other droid phones, they are great and definitely hold their own, but as of now, I see nothing currently available that is better than the iphone4.


69.99 is unlimited minutes with AT&T, 20 for text and 25 for data leaves you at 115....

Sprint with an evo, 99.99 simply everything, 10 dollar 4g, 110...

I only see a five dollar difference.

If you don't want adds, buy the app. Nothing in life is free...


Tethering with an evo is 30 bucks additional as well.

Only cool thing though is you can tether up to 5 devices wirelessly off it.