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IPhone 4!



ok so the new iphone4 was announced today. Lots of cool apps like a 5 mega pixel camera, forward facing camera for video chats and some insane resolution for the screen. Its available in a couple weeks. Anyone else planning on getting one?



I'm seriously considering it. I've had my iPhone 3G for two years and I adore it. I don't really need a new phone, either, but I'm spoiled fucking rotten.


I'm pissed they're not bringing it to Verizon yet. Otherwise, I'd be all over it


Contract renewal in July. Def getting it - love my 3g, can't wait to have a faster one with video and all kinds of other shit.


If you can't wait that long, I think I read something that they will let you get it up to six months early.


I will have that the month it comes out. Must have geek phone


yeah it looks awesome. Its going to be available on the 24th so only a couple more weeks. I didnt get the 3GS because I knew the next one was going to be so much better and I'm glad I waited. I'm excited for this phone.



Probably not. Mine is jailbroken and I use it for my internet on my laptop and creates WiFi spots. Free internetz for me.

Unless of course the hack comes out for it soon after


Someone told me this one would be coming to verizon too. Maybe he lied :frowning:


It will.... eventually. No one knows when yet.


So it only took how many versions to run multiple apps?


But will it be better than the HTC 4G EVO??


Unlikely. But it's Apple, right, so people don't care.


Looks totally awesome. Never really thought about an Iphone till seeing this.


My iPhone drops so many fucking calls I don't think I'll ever get another one.


Best post ever. Thank you. I hate when someone say an iPhone is better than the new HTC Incredible. Whoever says that is an ignorant douchey-little Apple fan boy who doesn't know shit.


Hmm... I have had each model of Iphone from release day until the next one has been released, and I have never dropped a call. I will say however that without a bluetooth headset the Iphone is the worst PHONE I have ever used. It's just a good thing I don't like talking to people.

Generally speaking I don't like Apple products and the Iphone has been the only Apple product I have and will ever buy/bought. I also have a severe dislike for Itunes. That being said, when I consider the way the hardware, OS and service come together (I have never had an issue with AT&T, where countless others have) makes it a continuing worthwhile purchase. I wouldn't say the Iphone is better than anything else. But for me it works.


Hit nail on the head here. I guess for the general user the iPhone is amazing compared to most phones. But why buy a locked down version of a phone when you can get a phone you can do whatever you want with.

I know this isn't exactly a fair comparison, but Android > iPhone.

Now if AT&T would just come out with a decent android phone i'd be happy.


My brother has an iphone and his calls get dropped so frequently. Everytime i talk to him it hangs up at least a couple of times through a good conversation.


I'm due for a new phone the end of this year, and was hoping they'd get the iphone by then, if not, I might just get a Droid or something