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IPhone 4/5 (and Other Mobile/Tablet Discussion)


Stay at 4? Move to 5 on release?

What say you?

EDIT: Changed thread title to reflect broader discussion


to add to this question.....

stay at 3G or move to 5 at release? lol.


Stay on 4, wait for "issues" on 5 to be ironed out. Not saying there are issues but with any product release best to wait for a few product software revisions.

The 4 is brilliant.

In other news, new avi looking wickedly good.


You definitely need to change from 3G!

Wear a seat belt when operating the 5, the speed of the web browsing relative to 3G is likely to give whiplash :smiley: haha


Unless they are coming up with a whole new design I wouldn't get an iphone at all. The 4 has antenna design flaw that even the mighty Verizon can't fix. From what little I've heard(there isn't much news) the 5 is just going to be simple tweaks like the 3g to the 3gs in fact the rumor is the great and powerful Jobs will be calling it the 4gs. I would say the 6th gen iphone will be the first 4g lte device apple puts out and they will be so far behind that Blackberry might beat them out to the number 2 spot(I joke RIM is fucked).


RIM is TOTALLY fucked.

Every time I look at mine (BB Torch) I want to throw it through a window. It's a clunky, temperamental, no AP that's worth a damn havin, piece o' shit.

Fuck it, shoulda woulda coulda... I'll get the iphone when this fucker dies, probably within the year (I hope?)...


Yes they are they put too much money rd into their playbook and really no one wants a tablete they want an ipad. Have you seen the new bb's coming out? Junk all junk too bad the only hoe RIM has is to start selling their software BB messanger is where it is at.
I say Google's Android is the best thing going it is a true open source device the only real issue I see is since the software is free many hardware manufacturers make cheap android phones and it gives the software a bad name. If you're going to buy an iphone look at a comperable priced android adn you will see it actually does more than the fruit phone.

This is a decent demonstration of what a high end droid and the iphone 4 can do right out of the box.


LOL ditto.


Windows Phone Mango + Nokia Hardware.

Seriously, I have a leaked final version running on my phone, and it only makes my phones faster every time they release an update. Forget what you think of "Microsoft" and try it.

Blows the iPhone & Android away in usability. Full integration of all services out the box. No need to download 10 apps - you get FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Shazam (Bing Vision), Office, Free wireless streaming of media via Skydrive (25gb storage) and Xbox Live on your phone all out the box.

It's awesome.


The problems with Android is you need a high end nexus model to get updates a lot of the time, since every manufacturer has their own skin, so they control the updates.

While the software offers a hell of a lot, the whole OS and usability experience is far from what you get on an iPhone, for example. Maybe the Ice-cream Sandwich update will address a lot of this, but that's speculation.

You pretty much need a high end model for a 'smooth' experience.


I am watching your happiness with the Win phone, while I already got an android, my wife's phone will need to be replaced pretty soon. I forget, the camera any good on the Win phone?


I was going to hold out for the new Iphone, but after playing around with it i got the HTC sensation. I have to say that it's great, aside from the stock battery, which is woefully inadequate. I will be looking to buy a mugen one soon.
In my opinion a lot of the overlays for android are rubbish, and that was the main reason why I did not go for the samsung galaxy 2. HTC sense is the only overlay for android that I feel enhances the use-ability of android.
Also the fact that many of the apps are free on android but paid for on IOS also swayed me. Having played around with IOS a bit, I fell that having a phone that is so un-customisable would piss me off in the long run, whereas I can change a lot more on my android, and play around with different widgets on my home screens etc.
I can't comment on windows phones as the last one I had was about 4 years ago and was absolutely horrible. I gather that they have come on a lot since then, but what is that app situation like on that platform?


The 1st gen models are fairly average.

However, the first WP Nokia is based on the Nokia N9. Nokia does the best optics in the market:

Basically, unless you choose the Galaxy S2 Windows phone variant, the Nokia models will be the best.


If you want a lot of customization, the Android is probably your best bet. WP7 is about midway between the iPhone and Android on that front. Windows phone does "live tiles", which flip over and give you updates about an app without actually opening it.

I had a Windows mobile phone about 4 years back too - HORRIBLE. Windows Phone 7 is a completely new platform and absolutely nothing like its predecessor. App count is 28,000 and growing faster than the other platforms when they were at the same point in the market.


Yes I know I said that earlier, it's what I tell customers when they came in looking for an eyephone and then gasp at the price(don't get me started on that the phone is 5yrs old and the price has been the same since the 3g model).


Get a droid

I made my own free ringtone, from a free song, just for my Google+ updates



I'm happy with my Droid charge my other line is happy with their Droid Incredible 2


I'm in love with my Charge. I will leave my wife for it if it comes down to it.

I watch TV shows in traffic on my way home on 128, lolololololol oh yeah, for free...


No money to move onto 5. My 4 does just fine for what I want it to do.


Yeah I have my netflix and my porn on it so it's all good