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Does anyone know why Brian Siders didn't compete at the IPF worlds this year? Was it because he is training for strongman (hopefully!)? Did the IPF uninvite him for competing with a banned lifter or some other nonsense?

Just curious,




Siders was supposedly injured.

However, from some pretty reliable sources I heard its either that or he couldn't pass the drug test.



I heard the same rumor and that's a pretty shitty thing to post on the internet.

Did someone test him and he failed? The answer is no, so shut your ass.

If you have ever met the man then you would know something about his character.

My understanding is that he injured an oblique, or a muscle in his abs, at a USPF meet and it turned out being alot more serious than they thought at first.


I'm sorry and should not have posted that then...

I forgot all IPF lifters are drug free.



I agree with apwsearch, that was a pretty terrible thing to say about a person. Certainly I don't think the IPF is drug free, but now you are pointing fingers at a person and making accusations about a persons character.



I don't know what's worse...the possibility that he pulled out due to not being able to pass a test or the fact that he backed out of the biggest meet of the year because of a "strained oblique". hahaha.


You used the term "strained." I used the term injured.

You speak like someone who has never been injured enough to pull out of a meet.

Stick around son, your day will come.


Brian injuried his Oblique two weeks prior to the meet and was unable to squat heavy or deep. The decision was made for him not to lift - it was not due to drug testing as He was tested prior to this meet and did pass. It was unfortunate but it does happen. At the IPF World Masters the USA pulled a lifter the morning of the very day his weight class was to lift due to illness.

Every sport has athletes that use drugs - powerlifting is no different. But I think that we do a fairly good job of testing - both at a meet and out of a meet. I personally have been tested out of meet several times by the USAPL to help ensure that the USA only sends "clean" lifters to the competition. But it can and will happen that we or any other country will have a positive drug test at any meet.

And by the way when Brian decided to pull out of the meet it allowed the USA to have a lifter that was healthy lift in his place - assuming the had turned in an alternate. If I remember correctly we had. This gave a person who would not have normally had the chance to lift at the world meet this year.


Has anyone seen his workouts??? I wouldn't say that he uses because I have met him at the Arnold and he is very nice but he has gotta be some genetic freak of the Nth degree. That volume would kill me in a week!!


Never mind that the abs are a major piece of each lift and core strength, whether we like it or not.


I, for one, would like to know who your "sources" are.

Stay strong



Someone's wound a little tight...


Oh F%#^ING bulls&t!

If you think for one second that any of the top lifters(PL and OLY)or strongmen are drug free than you are FN' crazy.

This is the problem with 99% of the failures on this entire website.

People really believe they can lift like so and so, because he is in the IPF(and drug free)or the World Weightlifting Federation champ, or he claims to be a drug free strongman.

Guess what, these elite lifters can handle the amount of volume and weights they can handle because they are jacked almost year round.

Guess what else, you cant handle that workload naturally.

Now I admit they would be stronger than you naturally, because they are gifted, but not with the intensity and volume they train at.

And if you use a lot of drugs it doesnt mean you will ever get close to their level..... that is why they are elite.

Lets look at a list.

Ed Coan(greatest PL'r ever and my FN' hero, BUT..) failed several drug test.

Dimas(greatest Oly lifter at his weight ever and FN' awesome, BUT..)currently banned from competition.

Mariuz Pudahowthefuckyouspellit(#1 Strongman tody, and incredible, BUT....)failed recent IFSA drug test.

These are the top guys people, get real!

One in 100 million people can actually squat 900lbs without drugs or achieve what these atheletes have acheived, if anyone.

Maybe Brian siders is that one guy who has the potential, and actually found a weight room. You decided.

Now, godd%^#*t, i want to see Jacked baseball players who hit 70+ homeruns, guys squatting 1000+, and 165lb Oly lifters C&Jing 400lbs .......................... but what I dont want to see is Joe Nobody who is drug free thinking he can train like them because they are "drugfree". Then he fails again and again trying to do a workout he read on "JackedPolishStrongman.org" or "IPF-supervolume-drugfree/ secretlyjacked-guy-workout.com"

Joe Nobody needs to learn to train the drug free way if that is the path he/she choses.


My new crystal ball.


Seriously, who cares if he's drug free or not?

I mentioned he MIGHT have failed his drug test as a normal statement instead of acusing him of being a cheater or something.

Like viking mentioned the highest level of IPF competitions are unlikely to be natural.

Drug free or not, a PR is a PR and I respect that.


Yes everyone should train drug free.

Coan does not lift anylonger with an IPF affiliated federation.

And just what do you know of the drug testing policies of the IPF or any other powerlifting federation such as the USAPL?

Being a member of the USAPL and having lifted at IPF world meets I can tell you that the USA takes drug testing and use very serious. If I am lucky enought to make a world team then I must have an out of meet test conducted - at my expense. I have no knowledge of when the test will be - they just send someone to my house, job or a meet I might be working at to test me. Kinda hard to cheat wouldn't you say. The test are observed - no going behind closed doors so you can switch stuff around.

Maybe the elite lifters dont handle high volumes or poundages all the time - ever think of that? Most of the lifters I know cycle their workouts, just like most lifters should.

Maybe before you make accusations you should do your homework first?



Actually, personally I have no idea, but IPF drug testing is not any more strict then any professional sport; and professional sports man are definetly not drug free.

I have no problem with drugs at all, its just people who are not honest with their drug use pisses me off (e.g. competing in a drug-free powerlifting federatoin).



I think it's unfair to say that this or that lifter is definitely using a certain substance or not. We just don't know for a lot of people, so accusations and defenses alike should just be avoided. We know that there is a drug testing protocol and who officially does and does not pass the tests. That says something, but not everything, so jumping to conclusions without knowing the lifters in question is not fair to anybody.

Purely hypothetical and totally unrelated question here:

Let's say you are a high level competitor in a non-tested fed. If the president of a drug-tested organization approached you and asked you to join their fed, but promised that they could get you around the drug testing, how would you respond? Could you ever really trust anybody in that fed.

Just a hypothetical. :wink:


How can you say that IPF drug testing is not any more strict than any other professional sport?

Pro bodybuilding doesn't test. Major league baseball just started testing. Pro basketball does not test. NHL does not test.

USAPowerlifting certainly does test. While the majority of tests are in-contest, world team members are subject to out of contest testing.

While the drug testing in the IPF/USAPL is not perfect, testing is implemented.



Sorry but when I meant professional sports, I meant other sports popular in the entire world, not just sports only played in the US.

I meant: Athletics, Soccer, Rugby League, cycling and boxing.