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IPF Worlds 2017 Discussion

MAD PROPS to IPF having live streams and making them easy to find. Also watching the streams has all the info you would want:

Prior Attempts
Current Total
Current Rank and rank the lift would make them
Clock and Lights

It isnt just raw video. Quite awesome.

Scoresheets in an extremely timely manner for powerlifting.


If Powerlifting wants to be more popular this is what needs to be done.


Now that that is out of the way, thoughts on Brett Gibbs losing by 2.5kg and taking a 22.5kg jump from 1st to 2nd Dead attempt and missing both at lockout?

The announcers said he wanted to go last.
I thought he was being arrogant.
But the way he missed both attempts so close to lockout this has to be an injury.

The guy who beat him set a World Record with his deadlift.

The only thing I can think of is he thought he wanted to attempt the Deadlift record but got injured on his 2nd attempt.

He missed a Squat World Record and set the Bench World Record and took gold in both of those lifts.

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stupid brett. He had this championship in the pocket… He made some stupid choices by going for a deadlift world record instead of the championship.

He was so close to that 300kg squat to… Just a couple cm more and he would’ve had it i think…

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Ray Williams wins!!! MONEY TIME!!!

He made a post about it on facebook saying how disappointed he was which now looks deleted.

Like he had a shit week etc and said his mood would have been the same with a gold or silver overall.

Like he had his own personal goals and the rest was irrelevant.

And he didnt shake the winners hand because he was once banned for PEDs.

I call minor BS, a Worlds Gold would have to make him feel better.

Who? I thought Ray won, did he not? I guess he’s disappointed that he didn’t set a new world record, which is understandable because he is capable. I saw some of his training videos a few weeks ago and he said he was feeling tired from squatting over 1000 three weeks in a row, maybe that had something to do with it.

If anyone is mad, it should be Jezza Uepa. He was given TWO extra attempts by the jury after the center judge wouldn’t give him the squat command for supposedly unlocked knees - twice. Does this judge expect him to hyperextend his knees with over 1000lbs on his back?

Other than that, the judging was mostly decent, at least from what I saw. There was a guy from Kazakhstan (93kg if I’m not mistaken) who pulled a WR deadlift but got red lighted for a soft lockout, but even the commentators all agreed that it looked good. Is straining too hard against the rules? It looked like he just barley got it to lockout, but he got it.

One major positive improvement: up to seven spotters on the platform for squats. That’s the least they could do after almost killing Kelly Branton in Texas last year.

Sorry that was pretty unclear, Brett Gibbs wouldnt shake.

So much so.

I watched all of the 120+ class. Ray allegedly said it wasnt his day and scratched his 3rd Squat attempt for a WR. I would imagine that squatting 1k 3 weeks in a row would have been a contributor. I dont know a ton about peaking but I assume that isnt standard.

Just watched this and WTF???

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Imagine a 2014(15?) situation where the kazachstan guy gets busted and brett is number 1 again.
I think he looked really pissed and sad during medal ceremony.

loved that 74kg class japanese dude. Opening with a 100kg deadlift!