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IPF Replaces the Wilks Formula

Im sure some of you powerlifters have heard that the IPF finally got rid of the outdated Wilks formula. I want to see what you guys think of the new system. https://www.powerlifting.sport/about-ipf/news.html

From what I have heard this formula sucks too. The highest score of all time is apparently some 7 year old kid, it’s biased towards lighter weight classes in the same way Wilks is biased towards the morbidly obese but some kids and dwarves can actually lift unlike Jabba the Hut lookalikes. From what I heard, Robert Wilks was actually pushing for the Wilks formula to be updated a while back but the IPF didn’t go along with it because they didn’t want him to get any more credit and now he’s banned from the IPF altogether.

To be honest, I don’t really care about any of this stuff because I’m done with the IPF. It’s just too much drama and nothing positive except the actual lifting, and there are plenty of other federations to choose from.


What about the middleweights? I was hoping it would be more balanced…

I’m just repeating what I heard elsewhere, I never fully examined the whole thing because as I said I don’t really care too much. Wilks is OK for comparing lifters of a similar weight, like +/- 2 weight classes at most. They did something like that for the weight classes at the World Games a couple years ago and nobody complained. The problem is that people want to compare a lightweight vs. a middleweight vs. a SHW and there really isn’t an accurate way to do that in a sport that is all about lifting the most weight possible. If anything they should just get rid of coefficients altogether and worry about how your lifts compare to those in your weight class.

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In my stupid no good opinion only your total matters. Either you got that big ole donkey meet total or you don’t.

I’ve never favored an ‘overall’ winner, for the weight classes it’s real simple, you either have the highest 198 total or you don’t.


This seems like a standard-ish stats problem, surely they could go to anyone with the skill?

I don’t know if you have to accept a trade-off that tends to favour particular weight classes. Perhaps @ActivitiesGuy has some opinions?

Anyway, I think it should be updated as there’s a load more accessible data compared to the mid-90s. The sport has changed quite a bit from then

Yes, but they also want people to pay them rather than them paying people so they are limited in their options.

Check this out though, if you go to openpowerlifting and sort by IPF points, Men’s raw for 2018 in IPF only, Ray Williams is in 129th place. The top 7 totals are bench-only and in the lower weight classes, I guess lower numbers give you a higher score or something. This seems absolutely ridiculous. If nothing in life matters more to you than your IPF points score then starve yourself and have your legs amputated, not matter what you lift your bench-only total is sure to make the top 10.

Absolutely agree, unless your overall winner is simply the guy with the highest total, period. I can get down with that. Wilks is nonsense.


Just to compare, Ray Williams would have to add about 400lbs. to his total to beat Sergey Fedosienko, who has the highest IPF points that isn’t bench-only. How does that make any sense? Is this part of some anti-obesity campaign?

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This is with the new formula?

It sure is. On Wilks, Ray is just barely ahead but with this formula he’s way behind. I don’t know how they came up with this but the idea is that these coefficients are supposed to be based on world records in different weight classes, as in everyone at the very top in each class is at a similar level. Wilks favored both lightweights and SHWs, this one only favours lightweights.

Ray must be pissed lmao.

RIP Big Ray Williams. No one cares about your multiple world records now

That’s right, the biggest raw squat of all time doesn’t mean shit now. It’s all about getting as small as possible.

Perhaps people should stop comparing apples to oranges. They have weight classes; just leave it at that. There’s no possible way to compare everyone across the board. The variables are too many and the technology apparently doesn’t exist.

I don’t even compete but this seems similar to the nonsense I’ve been seeing in basketball since LeBron entered the NBA. Is he better than Kobe? Jordan? Kareem?

It’s incomparable. The game has changed. A travel in the 90s is apparently allowed now. A foul now was defense back then.

People need to stop comparing the incomparable and then arguing about the results because no one agrees.

Why don’t they put a force plate beneath each competitor and determine how much force is exerted against the ground to move the weight?

Well then Olympic lifters would dominate due to their explosiveness but many slower power lifters would struggle.

Probably the best solution is get rid of weight classes, or maybe only have 3 of them (lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight).

And don’t let the competitors pick the attempts; have the weight set ahead of time. Just make it whoever does the most reps wins

Or you could do it rising bar, and you just keep taking attempts until you miss. Whoever lifts the most wins.

…probably a crazy idea.


Powerlifting should be going for unified rules, not creating their own sets of rules and scoring. This is why Powerlifting will never be in the Olympics.

Or we could just quit powerlifting and compete in strongman.

The way things are isn’t perfect but it’s good enough. Even the IPF wasn’t too bad until a year or two ago, they just keep sliding further down the drain.

That’s why the IPF’s website is now “powerlifting.sport”, they claim to be the only legitimate federation.

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