IPF Provincial Meet Oslo - Norway

Just got home from todays meet.

(all numbers in kilos)

Worked very hard for this meet, to increase my debut meet total (570) as much as possible.

Result was 235-130-230 @ 95.1kg bw

New personal records with 5-10-10.

Comments are welcome.

I would like to get comments that can improve my technique, what do you see that I can do better?

Also next weekend I will enter my first strongman beginner competition.

My stats are:

1.82cm - 95kg - 28years (6 years weight training)

Stallion -

You have very good technique - here are a few things I saw on each lift:

Squat - Great technique, you’re just slow during the descent. If you would’ve hit the hole a little faster on your last attempt (utilizing the stretch of the suit), you would’ve nailed it.

Bench - Same thing; I’d work on a little faster descent, and then start hammering the high-board work (3 and 4 board, in your case).

Pulls - Again, great technique and your quick dip allows you to use the suit. I’d play around with some pulls against bands and with bands (in a power rack) to work on the top end and lockout. Focus on firing the glutes and it should smooth out.

Stay strong

thank you mike robertson.

that is good advice, i listen to it with interest!

all the best.

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Good stuff brudda.

I can’t wait until I get my nuts up enough to do a powerlifting meet.