IPF Has a Brain Explosion


“For example, in Sweden Ed Coan is conducting seminars. As indicated in the Anti-Doping Rule Violation list, Mr. Coan is banned for life from the IPF, and thus it is prohibited to attend his seminars as this would violate rule 2.10.”

So attending a seminar, not receiving coaching mind you, gets you a whack? WTF?!?

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IPF and affiliates = dickheads

Not bagging the lifters, I know a couple of really nice people who coach and compete in the Australian affiliate. But the people in charge? Dickheads.

Yes, they had the same thing here last year when Coan came for a seminar. Just another reason why I don’t want to associate myself with the IPF.

The IPF and WADA are, forgive my language, fucktards because of that rule. Its like they think Ed and other banned guys give out doping advice at their seminars. I guess if I see him at a restaurant and decide to talk to him about training they’re gonna ban me too if they find out? And it’s extremely childish to call him out by name the way they did.

I’m gonna go big picture here instead of going into another rant about a fed that tells lifters what kind of underwear they can wear and how to wear their hair.

The problem is that there is no other SINGULAR LEGITIMATE fed out there for all these insulted, oppressed and, frankly, abused IPF lifters to go to. Hard to ‘vote with your dollar’ when there is no one else to vote for. I’ll give the IPF one thing; they run a clean show (and I’m NOT talking about drugs, because, let’s face it, its very hard to believe that every single IPF lifter is lifetime natural). They hold to strict standards beginning to end. If there was another fed that cared as much about standards and not seeing their name in PLWatch world records lists, we might have a solid alternative for lifters with some self-respect to flock to.

I would hope that this bullshit move would backlash hard on them and maybe finally break that camel’s back, but IPF members have for the most part proven that they will continue to take the abuse and rationalize supporting this fascist federation.

Again, rather than attack, I’d much rather direct efforts to creating that one great alternative fed so IPF lifters can finally have some place GOOD to go.

I’m actually very happy that some of the more respected old school guys have weighed in on this.

Yeah i’ve seen this all over fb, its total bullshit!

For what it’s worth here in Australia GPC seem to run a very good fed. I’ve only competed at my local GPC meets but I’ve found the judging very fair and very consistent. There isn’t any favouritism for lifters who train at the host gym or anything like that. Different to what I’ve heard about Powerlifting Australia (IPF affiliate): a guy I know went to Melbourne for a meet and told me that as an out of town competitor he got judged way more harshly.

I definitely agree. It’s a shame there isn’t another option that isn’t thought of as lacking legitimacy, but the fact remains that the IPF is the only federation with a proper structure of international competition and well-respected judging standards. If there could be more Raw Unity style meets (equipped lifting is a different ball game, too many differences), with consistent judging minus the crazy “IPF-ness”, the sport would seem a lot less divided and be far more fun. Perhaps there will one day be a more unified structure with proper national and world-level competitions outside of the IPF, but this isn’t the case at the moment. Hence the massive support for the IPF despite bizarre rules such as this.

@halcj1 I have to say here in Aus there doesn’t seem to be what I’d call massive support for the IPF. I’d estimate GPC accounts for anywhere between 50-75% of total lifters. PA maybe 10-25% I’d guess, similar in CAPO and a few in the APL.

But, the GPC leadership here is very, very intent on growing the sport as far as I can tell.

I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of lifters in other organizations, but the IPF remains the largest international federation. That and the fact that they have a World Championships mean that they are the leading Federation for top-level powerlifters who like strict standards (and limited / minimized drug use). It really is a shame that they’re crazy.

The OP was talking about singleing out Ed Coan. But they’ll do anything to please the Olympics.

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A transgender athlete beating naturally born males would do it.