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IPF Footwear?


What footfear are you actually allowed to wear for squats for IPF? Can one wear olly squat shoes, a la wooden heel?

I've stopped doing wide-ish stance bare-foot squats and started doing narrower stance w/trainers (heels) and finding a)my quads get alot more action b)less hip funny business and c)it's easier, i can do more.

thanks in advance, i've been away for a while and finally settled back into training thrice weekly at a decent gym after 8 months off, oh the joys!



rules are "an indoor athletic shoe"

Olympic shoes are fine


i think the limit is somthing like 5.8cm on the heels. so thats over 2 inches.


Spot on, cheers for the HU.


Anyone have any clue about vibrams? I do everything else in them so, I might as well compete in them too.


My training partner competes in the IPF world masters bench press wearing trainers and has always been allowed to wear them.