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IPF Euro Powerlifting Champs


Streaming Live;


82.5kg just killed a 350kg squat :o


Damn work not wanting me to watch all day long!

I want to see the 75kg from yesterday, apparently Olech totaled 882.5kgs (1,945lbs).



Holy crap. That's phenomenal.


Mens 100kg/220lb class just started.

Watch out for Freydun.



Freydun did an easy 370kg on his 3rd.
Waik hit 382.5kg.


Freydun hit a new WR bench - 291.5kg.

Sub-total's 661.5kg. He's so going over 1000kg/2204lb.


Hanley, thanks for the link!

Any idea what time the broadcast begins tomorrow?


Couldn't tell you to be honest. Mens started at 12.30pm Irish time. Probably be earlier tomorrow because there's less women.


Olech is nuts, he would have won the 82,5k class too with his total


Justin Miller, the guy that squatted 350kg at 82.5...it should also be noted that hes a Junior, that guys got a huge lifting career ahead of him.



I remember nearly crapping myself when I saw his first attempt. I thought his suit blew or something.


Didn't see it, what happened? Or are you referring to his squatting style?


His squat style... slowly lowers to about 6 inches above parallel and then dive bombs like nothing I've ever seen!!


Yah definitely, it works for him though, check out his other videos on the channel of the link I provided above.


That's the way Olech rolls


yeah, i think he will do 900k in the world games later this year