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IPF Equipped? Is There a Raw Division?


Is the IPF equipped? Is there also a raw division with just a belt and knee wraps?


Single ply with belt and wraps, or “raw” with belt and sleeves.


I can’t find the raw records , I think I am looking at the equipped records. It’s just out of interest.


The IPF calls its raw division “Classic”. You can switch in the upper right-hand corner:



Thanks how on earth are the squats higher than the deadlifts ?


They arent in the classic records. In the equipped its the suits.


Ray Williams disagrees :slight_smile:


That is one guy haha


Not sure what records you are looking at but deadlifts suits don’t help nearly as much as squat suits and a lot of raw lifters in the 120kg class and SHW class can squat more than they can deadlift. More mass is only beneficial to a certain point. Kryzstof Wierzbicki has one of the biggest deadlifts in the IPF and he is only in the 93kg class, judging by some of his recent videos he might soon beat the SHW record.


freakin beast cant wait to see it


Have you seen this?
That’s 395kg, but in DL-only meet at the Arnold this year. His world record is 372.5kg, the only one above that is Brad Gillingham in the SHW class with 375.