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IPF/CPU Gear? Vancouver Area Contests?


Before I get too old, I'd like to actually "compete" at a meet (in no way do I think my numbers are worthy of winning!). However, I can't seem to find all my answers yet.

The only meets I can find in my area (Vancouver BC) are IPF (CPU).

I realize these are "equipped" according to IPF rules (single ply), but quite frankly, I don't have a squat suit. Can I still compete in a IPF meet with just a belt and knee wraps (approved list ones).

Same with bench shirt: I have one from the approved list, but had to cut the back due to size etc. Can I wear a "modified" approved shirt with a cut in the back?

Is there anyone else in the Vancouver area that knows of other meets that maybe I'm not finding?

Any pointers are appreciated! Rookie, sorry.


I'm a GPC competing lifter from Alberta, and not familiar with the IPF regs, but i don't see why you could not squat suitless, if you tried to get by with double ply gear i could see a problem, but not no gear. We have raw guys lift with us in our fed. As for the shirt, i can't see a problem if its modified to fit, and not modified for added carryover being a problem. It's just my two cents, sinc i don't lift under IPF regs. You should be able to get ahold of the CPU heads in your area and ask them those questions via email. His email should be on a parent site somewhere.


The belt/wraps only thing is no problem. The only issue is that you need to wear a singlet, but it doesn't need to be single ply, it can just be like a wrestling singlet. There are restrictions on them though with regards to logo, fit, etc...

Read pages 11-16 in the attached link. Actually it's a good idea to read the whole thing, or at least browse through it.


The shirt will likely be a no go.

Send an e-mail to somone on the contact page with BC Powerlifting, they will likely help you out.

Good luck competing. And post any further questions you have, there are a number of Canadian lifters on this site.



Thanks to you both for the input. I've sent a few emails off for clarification. I have a singlet, which isn't a problem. My "raw" totals are close to 1200 lbs now... not exactly world class, but might be close to my natural, 185-190 lbs, 34 year old body can get!haha....

I'm guessing the "right" answer is for me to go to the next meet and just watch, not compete, and get a feel for it. But at 34 years old, I realize I don't exactly have forever to put off competing if I really want to!

Strange though, I've only been here in Vancouver for a year, but really haven't come across anyone into Powerlifting at a organized level, and the only meet I can find is the IPF one. I mostly train at home, which doesn't help with the contacts. Then again, as I'm sure you know, most "health clubs" don't exactly have an abundance of actual lifters either!!haha...

Thanks again.


Ruggerlife beat me to it about the shirt and suit, but the singlet is fine (as long as it conforms to the rules about logo, length in the legs etc.). The rules say the maximum amount of gear you can have... using less is pretty much always allowed. You also need to wear tighty-whites (no idea how to spell that) as other types of underwear aren't allowed.

Toronto is kind of the same as Vancouver. There are PL clubs all over Ontario except in Toronto (although we're working on changing that). The CPU is also by far the largest federation, so if you want to have several meets a year with lots of competition that is really your only option. Particularly on the women's side.


P.S. make sure you have high socks for deadlifting.


Perfect! Thanks.


Honestly, I think you should go for it and lift, i didn't think i was ready for my first meet, and bombed out anyway, but the experience was worth it, and it was a great time, met alot of fellow lifters and learned alot in the process.