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IPF Champion Of Champions Meet $300k + Prize

Thoughts on this meet?

IPF partnering with SBD is putting up the biggest prize pool ever seen in powerlifting. All their greed and bullshit makes sense now lol. It’s to put together the ultimate super natty SBD sponsored IPF approved comp ever.

Who are your picks to take out the prizes (awarded on highest total, highest IPF points and world records broken)?

Ray Williams
Taylor Atwood

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Rankings by IPF Points

They have enough money to award this but haven’t the funds to do all year round out of competition drug testing for their athletes.

I am all for it, but unless the IPF can guarantee drug free, I think this is a farce.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m not going to start pointing fingers, but there are quite a few lifters that are putting up numbers and making progress at a rate that just doesn’t make sense, and some falling well short of training PRs at the meet. Plus a few who switched over to untested with no major increase in strength.

I was looking at a thread on Reddit about Kelly Branton testing positive, John Haack said never was tested out of competition when he was in the IPF, and he was winning Worlds and setting world records. People manage to beat drug test in the Olympics and they are getting tested all the time plus re-testing old samples, in the IPF it would be pretty easy.

The IPF is a farce. Any organization that bans someone for failing a drug test that never happened is a farce.

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Ray doesnt stand a chance with IPF points sadly… Think he’s ranked somewhere in the high 100’s… Hell most likely take some other prizes though!

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Yeah, but he also stated when he planned to leave and join untested, started using, and pulled 800 within a 2k total. Some people are just freaks

I think the point is that the IPF isn’t testing their top lifters out of competition, rather than accusing John of taking something when he was in the IPF

Ah, gotcha. Sorry about that @chris_ottawa. I read it as you stating Haack wasn’t natural at the time and jumped the gun on replying. Thank you, @noahripstein for clarifying.


To tell you the truth, my impression was that he was indirectly admitting to using and beating the tests. His total went up when he went untested, but not anything unbelievable and that could also be a result of not having to cycle off before the meet and taking more/different stuff.

And like I said, I’m not trying to point fingers and accuse people, what I got from his comment was basically “hey, I never got caught and they never tested me out of comp, it’s not that hard”. I could be mistaken, but that’s the impression I got.

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Highest total and records broken get monies too. So the squat, deadlifts and total may be there for hum

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I’m under the impression he has been pretty conservative with drug use even as an untested lifter as opposed to a Larry Wheels kitchen sink approach. Sounds counter intuitive but maybe plying the long game with untested lifting?

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I don’t think 300k would make a microscopic dent in the testing pool depending on how much you want to test. I dunno how much the Registered Testing Pool costs them right now and that’s like a few dozen lifters. Would you be satisfied with top 100 or top 1000 or top 10k and how thorough?

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While I almost solely compete in our IPF affiliate, I’m confused as to how an amateur sport can offer a prize of this magnitude.

As in how lifters would still be considered amateur? Or how the IPF is coming up with the cash?

How are they still amateur?

What happened? I thought you switched over to CPF/WPC?

That’s a good point, because the Olympics is supposed to be for amateur sports only. I remember back when the US first had their basketball “Dream Team” in the Olympics made up of all the best NBA players, there was a lot of controversy around that.

Aside from that, the argument was always that there is no point in taking drugs and competing in the IPF because there are untested options and no money to be made in the IPF. People were still doing it, but now that the biggest cash prizes are in an IPF meet it provides a huge incentive to cheat.

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I compete CPF from time to time but I’m mostly still tied to the CPU.

My understanding is that amateur sports do not have more than a nominal payout for prizes. I could be wrong but 300M doesn’t sound good.

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yeah, technically by normal definitions they would go from amateur to being consider Pro in most circles. I am guessing the IPF must be toying with the idea of a pro division I assume in attracting more top flight level guys. But as hinted out it could open a big can of worms.

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