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IPF Approved Belts

Does a belt specifically HAVE to be on this list to be approved?

And is this belt good to go?

It hits the specs but isnt on the list.

Under 10mm thickness and about 4inches wide.

Yes, everything you wear except shoes, socks, t-shirt, and underwear has to be on the approved list.

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And those still have to meet their specifications.

Time to break out the wallet; it’s tough to save money shopping IPF approved gear. That being said, Lifting Large has some decent prices on IPF stuff.

Is it for you?

Yea, I already had the Ader Belt…Probably just going to compete beltless.

Its only 6 weeks out and this will be another way to help curb expectations.

Thanks for the help peeps!

IPF is drug tested, you sneaky man.

If it is tested I am not competing.

From what I hear it will not be a tested comp.

In Mexico things are a little more loosey goosey with everything to labels, affiliations and probably drug tests.

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I don’t know about Mexico, but here in Canada it is pretty rare for anyone to get tested at local meets. Unless you set a record or increase your lifts but some unbelievable amount, you won’t get tested. However, you are kind of cheating if you take PEDs and compete in a supposedly drug-free meet. It’s kind of like wearing a squat suit under your singlet.

It’s not “kind of cheating” it’s totally cheating. I lift USAPL/IPF in the southeast US and around 10% of competitors at all meets are tested.

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I was trying to put a positive spin on it. I guess it didn’t work.

They added a drug testing fee to the entry fees last year but I have yet to see anyone get tested at a local meet. Maybe they should. RPS and the WPC affiliate here test a good portion of lifters in the tested division. Then again, knowing that you will be expected to pull your dick out and piss into a cup in front of another man doesn’t really make you want to compete for the first time, especially if your lifts are nothing special.

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I might be a little sensitive to the whole PEDs issue since I spent 15+ years in a drug tested sport (cycling) that was full of drug cheats. Even though I was technically an amateur (cat 2) you can make a decent amount of money and I definitely lost $$$ to people who eventually failed tests. Even at my level there were EPO users as well as test and HGH not to mention the stimulants. Now that I’m into PL for fun I still might have a shot at some Masters placings or even records. I really don’t want to compete against dirty athletes again.

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There’s only one solution: start taking steroids.

Seriously though, it’s ridiculous for athletes to cheat at an amateur level. If you are going to win/be paid a decent amount of money or there is some real “prestige” (Olympics for example) then I can understand the desire to cheat. But powerlifting is unique in that you have the option of competing untested in federations other than the IPF that are arguably just as prestigious. There is also no money to be made from competing in the IPF. In fact, the USPA US open a few months back had the largest payout in PL history ($40,000) and was untested.

In the OP’s case, it sounds like he just wanted to do a meet and what was available was IPF-affiliated. I don’t really hold it against him, unless he was planning on carrying bags of urine with him and setting some records.


Hahaha no. Most likely I wont be using a belt or peaking for it and just taking 9 token attempts IF I get on the platform. Even if I peaked etc I doubt I am looking at anything special.

I feel exactly like you guys about this even though I know I wouldnt be the only user.

I just did all the planning and my “real” meet will be a solo mock meet in late september.

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Thank you everyone in this thread.

I kept asking my training partner if he knew if his gear was accepted. I kept mentioning how strict the IPF is. Well he called them and they aren’t checking or measuring equipment.

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