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IPF Approved Belts, Digging Into Hip

Hi guys,

I’ve been looking in to using a belt for competitions. I started using 2 different belts (Rogue 10mm, Inzer 10mm) and found that I am always in severe pain after a set of squats. Main area of the pain is just above the hips and it feels as if someone is stabbing straight in to the hip, or it’s going to break my ribs. I have played around with positioning, but also have a very small waist The distance from the top of my waist to lower rib is only ~4cm. I started looking at both of these belts, but just wanted input from anyone who may have had this problem before on Eleiko tapered belts.


It seems like everyone new to using a PL belt has the same experience. I used to get bruises all around my abdominal area. I just finished squatting and I have a red line across my abs, but it won’t bruise because I’m used to it and it would be bruised all the time otherwise. There were times that I was doing some high frequency training and wearing my belt 4-5 days a week, I had to but a cloth under my belt at the end where the lever is because it was rubbing my skin raw and I was starting to bleed.

They don’t call it powerlifting because it’s easy and comfortable. Things will hurt and cause discomfort, it’s just part of the sport.

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