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IPF and Party Drugs


Ive heard rumours that IPF drug testing rules fail lifters for recreational drugs?

Does anyone know if this is true or just gym floor chat?

Mainly, do they ban on the grounds of:
i dunno ecstasy?

Im curious, but dont use the substances above, i simply thought it was peculiar to ban lifters on these grounds. Any feedback would be appreciated!



It’s because those substances are illegal by federal law that they are also banned by the IPF.


I didnt see any mention of those substances on the banned list, but that does make sense. Do you know if the IPF test local comps as rigidly?


If they are fully complaint with WADA (which I believe is the case) then recreational drugs on competition day will get you disqualified.

Most non-weed drugs clear the system in 24 hours, weed can be a week. I believe if you fail a test, you can not argue that you took something the night before (ie. not on competition day)

Some sports test for recreational drugs outside of competition but this is pretty much unheard of in strength sports.