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IPF 2010

anybody watching this?

here is youtube

this one - say what! ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiH-3VImTwY&feature=channel

juniors 125kg+ (275lbs+)

best squats(end of the video)
420 kg - 926 lbs and 440kg - 970 lbs

Yes, http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/ipf_subjrjr_world_championships

Doesn’t seem like anyone was interested in it…odd. One of the best years I can remember in recent history, the Ukrainians just dominated.

Been watching it. After seeing the 125+ class today I have two things on my mind.

1: Tuomas Korkia-aho has got to be one of the scariest looking bastards I’ve ever seen. The kid sure can bench though, holy cow he can bench.

2: What’s up with Carl Yngvar Christensen? He doesn’t seem to lift at full potential, the only lift that looked heavy for him was the last squat. Then again, I asked the same thing last time he competed as well so I guess all is normal.

The Ukrainians were awesome this year though, especially Testsov in the -125 class.

oops, sorry power gnp

carl yngvar christensen really looks like he has more in him,
he still has 3 years of juniors though

korkia has already 600 lbs raw, insane

I was watching. I’m mates with the only australian lifter there. :P.
Good coverage, and some obscene numbers. The Ukrainian 110 had a crack at 400kg, and set the OPEN bench record with 300kg, 125 open bench went too as part of a 1093kg total. Which was an open record, and best lifter of the meet. And gold, silver and bronze in the supers was decided on bodyweight since they all totalled the same.

Really top notch lifting all around, and it’s good to see a few of the open records fall to young lifters.

For anyone not metrically inclined, the best lifter totalled 2409 lbs. Drug tested, single ply and 21 years old. I honestly don’t know what more to say!

CYC added 187lbs to his total since last year. 71lbs on the bench alone! I seem to remember him adding about 180 in 8 months last year too. Aaand I’ve yet to see him strain on a lift. Consistently goes 9 for 9. Complete freak.

From what I’ve heard CYC’s coach is reigning him in a little. He wants him to be an absolute force in a few years, not be a flash in the pan. CYC totaled 40kg more than his last meet ~3 months ago. I don’t think his coach is being too conservative.

It was so awesome watching the stream of the 125+ junior class. Some absolutely phenomenal lifting. The powerliftingtv channel has some incredible video to study for free, an amazing resource.