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IPCC Conclusion on Climate Change


it seems to me the attitude has come from the libertarian wing on the right. The ideology that thinks the market will do the best thing for the most people. And that intervention is always worse than any supposed problem with the free market. And somehow many conservatives (besides some of the crunchy con types) adopted it. Conservatives should be conserving the nation’s beauty and environment. An inheritance for their children and their children’t children. One not measured in dollars.


Didn’t work out for the Irish during the Great Famine.

“Hey, hundreds of thousands perished but at least we were true to free market principles”

Global warming became a political issue only in the 1990ies after intense lobbying from coal companies.


Except the free market is working to an extent. Cheaper/cleaner natural gas is edging coal out and C02 emissions for the US are starting to pique and decrease.

As said a million times through these threads, we already have the carbon free energy solution, nuclear. Figures the French are braver with it than our government.


To be fair, the corn laws exacerbated that massively, and were a protectionist measure. Robert Peele split the Tories to end said laws.

And it was millions dead or displaced. For my money, the darkest hour of the British empire for the entire period.