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IPCC Conclusion on Climate Change


I have been always curious how much nuclear weapons testing affected the climate. I cannot seem to find a strait answer on the subject.
I am curious if anybody has information on that. 500+ some-odd nuclear tests cannot be good and I don’t see the effects wisping away quickly.


I would still guess the effects are minimal compared to the annual ship/air traffic in the world.

Just a guess. But 500+ explosion is not that much if you scale it to the rest of stuff were doing.


You know when the USSR is forced to fess up (eventually), what ever happened was major. The wildlife coming back to the area is all fucked up looking. Definitely don’t eat that meat. Or maybe do, maybe it would make your muscle size and strength obnoxious.
“Kids, we’re having 3 eyed goat for dinner!”


Tshernobyl area is one of the most thriving nature reserves in Europe.

Sure, the radiation is bad, but nature seems to tolerate it better we thought.


I am not sure about that. That’s why I am curious. The data isn’t very good. But I know that there is strontium-90 and caesium-137 present in the air and all our food where it wasn’t before. That’s one of the ways they test old liquor. If the wine or whiskey does not have any stronium or caesium in it, then they know it’s a legit pre-1940 liquor. If it has one of the 2 or both of those elements they know it’s a fraud. Being that it’s everywhere and we consume it everyday now and will for a while, I have to think there is some affect.


And that’s the way you spell it. Do you have a Russian keyboard? Can you use the funny alphabet yall have?


This sounds like a German transliteration. It would be Chernobyl in Russian and Chornobyl in Ukrainian.


Me neither, but I don’t believe they matter much in the global warming. I’m not saying they haven’t polluted our planet, at least locally, but we must separate pollution and global climate effects from one another.

Not sure what you mean in the latter post. I’m not Russian, but I do live in Europe. Look, what happened in Pripyat was a disaster, one of many in the Soviet union. But its over dramatized excuse to downplay the value of nuclear power as a temporary replacement for the coal.

Its not perfect, and it has risks, but they can be minimized quite effectively. I just saw interesting article about some research for spread out mini-reactors as a safer and more effective way to produce nuclear energy compared to the old way where we use these huge facilities.


Where in Europe?


Haha! I’m not German either. I understand a little both (russian and german) though.


Northern parts.


Is there a reason you won’t say where your from? I am not coming there anytime soon…


I’m from Finland. Not sure why this matters though.


Just curious, I am tight with Europe. I have a lot of relatives in the Czech Rep.
And one of the smartest guys that used to be on these forums moved to Finland a few years ago, Dr. Matt.


On closer inspection your avatar gives you away.

Finnish - the only language with more noun cases than Slavic languages!

Excuse me I’m a language nerd and I cannot help myself…


I often fuck up with these. Like Gorba or Krushchev. Different way of writing in every damn language.


Hah! I know a lot of people who have degrees in different languages. No need to apologize.

Ps. That avatar is old, hardly ever even remember it my self. I don’t even listen that band so much (its decent and Swedish, so it can stay for now).


And now…

Conservatives should be taking this seriously. Stewardship of the Earth and what not.


You can’t take something seriously if it’s a scam invented by China to make American manufacturing non competitive.


Or if it involves believing those elitist “scientists.”