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Ipamorelin and CJC 129 with DAC

Hello I am going to start ipamorelin and cjc 129 with dac cycle,I would like to know if anyone had done something like this and could tell me the dosages and possible side effects.thank you very much :hugs:

Currently on Ipamorelin and Mod GRF 1-29. Been just about one month so far. Results are subtle. Better recovery, much better sleep, but no real changes to body composition as of yet.

How much are you taking?

500mcg/200mcg, respectively.

Once a day?


I’m not start yet I had thought to ask some advice before starting.I didn’t find anything useful on the web

I take ipam and serma 3 × a day wake up.530 Am 315pm before gym and 10pm before bed. I guess its commonly thought it only works at night probably because a lot of places advertise as daioy before bed figuring most people wouldn’t be up for injecting 3-6 times a day to actually get the full potential out of the drug. They will still sell plenty of marked up peptides because there isn’t adequate accessable info about them so someone can look up what their capable of doing in a brief description and Dr says one shot and you will increase GH people will shell out money. Hes just not telling you the increase is minimal

I take it daily. If I wanted to get the best benefits I’d take that dose 3x a day. But it’s an experiment at this phase, so I’m going with the standard protocol for a while and then I’ll start tinkering.

There is any guidelines on how take it, I mean empty stomach or after a meal?

I’ve read empty stomach is best, but I don’t know that that’s 100% true or necessary.

Thank you very much

Has anyone ever tried cjc 1295 with dac?
Doses and advice thanks

This is pretty much my protocol and my results as well. However, I’m pinning morning upon waking and at night.