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IPad and Netbook


I'd like to get some tech advice from the T-Nation crowd.

My current laptop is nearing on 5 years of age and slowing down considerably. I'm looking into replacements. Currently, about 95% of my computer usage is web browsing, e-mail, chat/instant messaging, or watching movies/tv shows. So, I'm thinking about getting a netbook or going for the iPad.

The iPad seems pretty sweet. I don't own any Apple products, but the iPad seems pretty cool. I like the touch screen and that whole deal. Here's my main beef with it: apparently it doesn't support Flash? For anybody that has an iPad, how much does that hinder your web browsing experience. From my understanding, the majority of websites use Flash. That could seriously hinder my ability to watch... tv shows.

There's also netbooks. I don't know much about them, but it seems like they could a good option and they are cheap. I still need to work a fair bit in Excel/Word, but nothing requiring serious computing power, so I figure if I get something to hand my web browsing/email stuff, I could just clean out this laptop and be good for another year or two before I have to replace it.

So... thoughts on the netbooks/iPads? Or should I just get a new, lower-end laptop? I don't play games at all, so I don't really need the performance aspect.


Just buy an archos, it has all the prettiness of an ipad while actually being able to be a computer.


If you are going to be typing a lot, i.e. more then 5-10 minutes at a time, then I would go with a netbook. I have read some reviews of the iPad and a lot of complaints are that it is a bitch to type on.


Also, I believe there is a 3g iPad, and a WiFi/3g iPad. 3g iPad comes with monthly charges, and the WiFi/3g iPad is more expensive (by $100 or something). IMO, way overpriced because it is the first product of it's kind. I would go with a netbook for now, and then see what kind of products are out like the iPad in 5 years.


Don't need it for too much typing. I do almost all of my emails on my BlackBerry. The only time I use my computer for e-mail is when I need to attach a file.


Think of all the flash games you won't be able to play...


Honestly this should be a pretty easy decision.

A netbook costs half of what the iPad does with so much more functionality.

You get full access to the internet (including flash) plus the ability to throw every application you would want onto it. Plus you have the ability to hook up an external hard drive (for movies and such) or watch movies online.

That being said, the iPad is more of a gimmick, it's not really designed for real work and has no real functionality to it. I honestly don't know who i would recommend it to due to lack of flash, a real OS, and locked down hardware.


The ipad is actually really nice if your a graduate student and use it for reading PDF's / taking notes / annotations to the pdfs. I spent a lot of time looking at other ereaders to do that and they all fail miserably against the ipad.

I was holding out for the Notion Adam but gave up after they delayed it another 6 months...

to the OP, If your only going to get one, go with a 10 inch slightly higher end small lap top (not net book) as they are faster and have more storage.

as an aside I have an Eee pc and an Ipad so if you have any questions PM me.



It is a gimmick, but you might find use for it.

I would, personally, get the laptop reloaded and hold out for a little while if you want a "Pad" type device. You will get a lot more value for money and usability out of the upcoming devices.

Netbooks are still a good alternative to iPads if you think they lack in features.


Net book may be the way to go but, iPad is pretty slick.

If you do a lot of typing, you might want to purchase Apples blue tooth keyboard. As for flash, I use a remote desktop APP. WYSE pocket cloud and stream Flash with sound.

As with all new tech. you will get more for your money if you wait.


Thanks for the advice guys. I like the touchscreen, so if I'm going to be dropping money, it's going to be on that. Reading around a little more, it seems like all the current tablets have some holes and that better stuff will be on the way in 2011. I might just see if I can limp along with this laptop for another year, rather than blow $500 on something that will be obsolete next year.


Good choice! If you don't spare cash to spend every year or so, then it's pointless handing over money to a company that intentional holds back features which should be available from the launched product.

If you have a browse of engadget.com you'll see loads of tablets have been previewed at Computex last week and there will be lots of good tablets towards the end of the year onwards.

Choice is good.


Sounds like you might be watching the upcoming Google, Dell, and HP iPad battle. They're all trying to rush tablets out to compete with Apple. Waiting a bit more before buying could pay off pretty well.


iPad is garbage. Think of it as an iPod that has a browser. I got a client thats trying to run his business through a terminal shell on an iPad and he's having problem after problem. You're gonna want more performance than that 1GHz processor can deliver. Spend a few more bucks and get a decent laptop.


This. If you have a little self-confidence and a spare hour or two, you can get that guy running faster than the day you bought it all for free. I work in IS/IT as a student and I love shocking people by making decade-old laptops usable for exactly what you just described.