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IP vs QV vs Trenfactor

I know this has probably been discussed, but i tried searching the forum and didnt come up with anything. Which of these names would you most recommend?

Assuming they’re all legit and not fakes, I’d pick Trenfactor, QV, IP.


There is a great article on bootleg companies, comparing them, in this issue of Muscle Development. Trenfactor is not mentioned.

Definitly Trenfactor but IP is good too. I am personally on a stack of Trenfactors tren/cyp/winnie and I’m loving every minute of it.

I believe MD did not mention RSOC either, may be different issue though, go with TF.

Does TF have good labeling as well as a good product?

I like IPs stuff but i’m very curious as to how his winny tabs are 50mg.
The tabs are very small not much bigger then normal winny tabs. Does anyone have the scoop on this?


Bump for Trenfactor over QV & IP. Good gear and good prices.