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IP Bulk Oils


Anyone delt with these? i was filtering my deca with a watman filter, and there was some thick Vaseline type stuff in the deca. any idea if this is the more potent part of the deca? It comes from one of the best suppliers so i don't doubt it authenticity.


Lol... IP one of the best suppliers? I'd call 'em the worst...


i said it comes from one of the best suppliers. That is the person who sells who sells the stuff and not the company its self, just for your clarification.


I think what he means is IP is not known for making quality gear. Your source may be very legit, and this may be legit IP gear, but IP does not make great stuff.


I have never heard of IP bulk oils. It sounds pretty illegit to me. I have heard of the IP china man who makes the tabs - I have even used them, he is very reputable, And I have used the UG brand 'International Pharmacy' however 'The Bulk oils' doesn't seem too legit. If it is indeed real though you need to heat the sollution up and add more BA to fix your problem. Add the Ba 1% at a time though as you don't want to make your sollution too strong to use.


I had I.P . deca 300 ,and there sust 300 . I did'nt notice anything like you mention in them , But on a side note I stuck one of 100ml sust 300 tubes in my freezer for a couple days ,And not a single crytal came out of suspension . I did this because I was'nt getting a damn thin off of 1200 deca and 1200 sust . And I had name brand oganon sust in my fridge ,and it was coming out of suspension ,and this sust 300 was'nt even coming out in the freezer ,and it's a higher concentration per ML . When it comes to gear I onlty trust a very few U.G. sources the 2 being HF labs ,And U.S. Gear other than those two I'll stick with human grade , But some swaer by I.P. so maybe it was a case of a bad remailer in my case .