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Iodoral and Selenium


I have been taking 12.5mg Iodoral per month (half a tab every two weeks) for the past 8 months. I did the IR stage when I first started taking Iodoral.

Having read these:



It is clear that Iodine supplementation is beneficial but can be dangerous without proper selenium supplementation.

Reading some of the comments, the author goes on to say that he's changed his protocol to 200mcg of Selenium per week.

I was wondering if any of you have done the same or if someone here has a different opinion.

I feel somewhat afraid to supplement either one due to the fact that it seems one can really mess up their body by doing so. I don't want to induce hyperthyroidism.


Having done some more research after making this prior post, it seems that supplementing without selenium when supplementing iodine is quite hazardous and potentially dangerous.

I wonder how long it takes to build up levels of selenium in the body and whether one should follow a similar protocol as with IR in regards to selenium.


Wanted to bump this thread and also ask:

Has anyone here "healed" their thyroid through the use of Iodine (and/or selenium)?

How long did this take?

I have been taking Iodine for roughly 9 months and just started taking selenium recently.

Will be taking 12.5mg/month of iodine and 200mg/week of selenium from here on out.