Iodine Supplementation

Hi, having read about issues with the thyroid and the reccomendations of taking iodine to help with thyroid issues, i was wondering firstly if its worth it, and whats the most convenient way to take it.

Heres my TSH reading:
Serum TSH level= 2.66 mu/L
Which from what i’ve read on trt forums, indicates a problem with the thyroid.

I’ve read about iodine salts but i was wondering if something such as Nature’s Best Iodine - Kelp Tablets (they’re tables with Iodine
150µg in them supposedly from kelp).
would also be suitable? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

You need to do this if you have not been using any iodize salt.

So you believe said tablets would be benefical?

You need more than a maintenance dose to build/recover your iodine stores, then you can drop down to a lesser amount. You can’t do that with iodized salt. You can double up on the kelp product for a while. You can also find some vitamin products that have that much iodine, which will be cost effective.

If you record your waking body temps and then if low and you see them improve with iodine, then you have a good indication that you were to some degree experiencing a functional iodine deficiency. Note that some have thyroid function problems for other reasons that cause problems whether iodine intake is adequate or not. In any case, you do not want to treat an iodine deficiency with thyroid drugs.

You did not indicate what your iodized salt intake was. Note that sea salt does not contain iodine, lost in the process. There are some iodized sea salt products.

How much iodized sea salt would one have to consume to significantly increase testosterone levels(and iodine)? I have read that sea salt causes secretion of nutrients–true? I sure do relish those healthy iodine/test levels…

iodine should not have a direct impact on Testosterone levels as far as I know.

how much you need depends on a huge number of factors that is different for everyone.

sea salt contains essential micro minerals (Unrefined Sea Salt)

Hypothyroidism can lower T and iodine deficiencies can lead to hypothyroidism which can be reversed to some extent with “iodine replenishment”. One can store up to 1.5 grams of iodine. If iodine stores are low, one cannot recover iodine stores with the RDA of 150mcg ]0.15mg].

It is dumb to imply that iodine will increase testosterone.

Why do you express concerns with sea salt? You think that regular table salt is different?

Since I ready TC’s article a few weeks back I started monitoring my body temp and it appears very low. Less than 96 upon waking… below 97 for a few hours after that and it never goes above 98 (unless I’m exercising). I started with kelp as well while I wait for my Iodoral to arrive.

I’m also looking to see what sources of bromine etc… I may be exposed to (diet dew). This has me a bit freaked out… but I guess I’ll try the Iodoral (and cleaner diet) first to see what happens before I see my Dr.