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Iodine Supplementation?

Anybody here tried it? I’m concerned about my thyroid. I definitely have some of the symptoms of hypothyroid: low body temperature, dry skin, fingernail ridges, body hair loss, lethargy. My TSH over the last couple years has ranged from 2.83 to 1.91. T3 = 281, T4 = 1.4.

According to Dr. Davis over at heartscanblog, “a TSH of 1.5 or lower, perhaps even 1.0 or lower, is desirable to eliminate the excess cardiovascular risk provided by an under active thyroid, not to mention feel better: more energetic, clearer thinking, greater well-being.”

I’ve never had much of a taste for salt and am wondering if iodine supplementation through kelp tablets might be helpful. The reason I’m stressing over this is that there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on the topic floating around the Internet. Some say that “excessive” iodine can cause hypothyroidism and possibly even goiter.

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. – Mike

Check out this link:

He has plenty of information on thyroid problems.

If you want to try iodine on your own, just buy some iodine tincture at the drug store and rub some on your body before bed. It will be absorbed by morning. Just don’t spill it because it will make a mess!