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Iodine Supplementation. TSH Values Increased 2.5x in 2 wks. Is This OK?

I’m new to this site so apologies in advance if this has been discussed before. Got a blood test on March 29 showed moderately low-T, found your site and read the sticky on Thryoid. The test only had a simple TSH number but I could order a detailed test. So I started supplementing w/ Iodine and took the detailed test April 10 and just got the results back, my TSH numbers jumped significantly 1.92 to 4.42. I expected a change but not this much, this quickly which is a bit concerning? The hormones are from the first blood test, not the latest.

1.Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine 12,500 mcg daily
2. I did not take it 36 hrs prior to the blood work

TSH: 1.92 prev 4.42 now high (Lab target: 0.45-4.21)
Total T3: 93 ng/dl (80-181)
Free T3: 2.6 pg/ml (2.3-4.2)
T-Uptake: 33% (24-36)
T4: 7.7 microg/dl (4.5-11.8)
Free T4: 1.2 ng/dl (0.93-1.71)
Free T4 Index: 2.5 (0.4-5.5)
Reverse T3: 18 ng/dl (9.2-24.2)

Estradiol: 40 pg/ml high (12-39)
Free T: 50.3 pg/ml (46-224)
Total-T: 449 ng/dl (290-1301)
DHEA-S: 314 microg/dl (89-428)
SHBG: 43 nmol/L (10-51)

According to a separate micronutrient test my Selenium was good, in the 84-percentile, Vitamin-D was decent at 60-percentile. I was very deficient in Pantothenate (Vit B5) only 7-percentile, Chromium 32-percentile.

acute Wolff-Chaikoff effect

See where TSH is later. TSH expected to increase with high dose iodine. So TSH results not useful at this time.

Please directly edit your post above to add lab ranges.
Post any other labs, normal or not.

fT3 should be mid-range or a bit higher.

Describe your history of using iodized salt.
Post oral body temperatures - see below.

High dose iodine with inadequate selenium can be dangerous as explained in the sticky.

Thanks for guys. I’ve also got some spectracell micronutrient results that I can post up a long with the ranges on the prior. I was midrange on Selenium, a bit low on Calcium, Chromium, K2 and ridiculously low on Pantothenate vitamin B5.

Everything I’ve read suggests it’s pretty much impossible to be deficient in Pantothenic acid, but did find some info that a high fat + exercise diet could drop these values and there is a link w/ testosterone? I switched to a ketogenic diet 3 months ago along with endurance training.

Re diet, the gf buys sea salt so no iodine there. I do occasionally buy salted seaweed from the Korean grocer but probably not enough to make a difference. I do eat pork regularly which I understand is high in selenium.

As I’m writing this I’m 97F which feels normal though my temp definitely drops with exercise past about 40 mins or so. I’ve never actually tested it (I will) but seriously the tip of my nose or hands will get cold even while the top of my head is sweating. I just always assumed it was ‘poor circulation’