Iodine Supplementation Causing Headaches?

Yo, I’ve had some high TSH levels come back the last few times I’ve had bloods. 3.9 and 2.5. I have also been having consistently low body temperatures and symptoms of hypo. So I believe I have hypothyroidism. My doc won’t test me for it yet until after my trt is steady, as he said thyroid bloods can vary and to wait until my trt is stable. I’ve only been on trt for about a week.

Before anyone says “get a new doctor”, I can’t. He’s my 3rd doctor I’ve tried and the best in Australia for trt (Dr Z).

I’m reluctant to go straight into heavy doses of iodine until I know exactly what’s going on with me, so I’m trying iodine drops that equal about 400mcg. I have asked pharmacists and naturopaths about high dose iodine and the condescendingly told me that it’s extremely dangerous and outdated to use high strength iodine. It seems the only place I can find iodine supplements is on the internet, but I’ll only do that if I know for sure it will help. I also eat 3-5 Brazil nuts a day for selenium.

I’ve been getting headaches the last 3 days. Constant headaches last stay with me the whole day. I take my iodine in the morning.

Do you think headaches are a result of the iodine? I wouldn’t have thought so at such a tiny dose. If so, is there anything I can do to stop them? Will they go away? I’ve read it could be a result of detoxing my iodine receptors but have no idea. I’ve read that consuming more salt can help.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m so frustrated that once again, Australian medical standards and community seen ignorant of the benefits of iodine, it’s relation to thyroid etc. Just like the ignorance with trt!

Probably wouldn’t hurt you to stop the iodine for a few days and see if the headaches persist.

Is this only post TRT?

Chill out on the iodine, you can cause more damage than you think. (there are some people on this board who have suffered consequences)

The reason I ask if its post TRT is because my TSH was always close to 1. then after being on TRT for a while, it increased to 2.6./2.8… But now im back to 1.3 … Give it some time, but also don’t try and “fix” it with iodine. it might backfire.

Thanks guys, the highEr TSH levels were post TRT, a few months after stopping cold turkey. Previously they were always under you think that’s what caused it to rise?

Headaches only started after having between 200-400 micrograms of iodine each day.

I’ll skip the iodine today to see if the headache goes away.

Hoping systemlord and/or KSman can give opinions!

Actually I think your doctor is right on. Maybe Stop iodine. Just take a multi vitamin that includes iodine and a good amount of selenium


But the iodine I’ve been taking is such a small amount anyway 200-400micrograms, and 3 Brazil nuts. Surely that wouldn’t be any more than in a multi vitamin?