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Iodine Sticky?


Iodine has been a hot topic of conversation recently. Maybe a sticky on the subject would help answer questions and provide dosage information, as well as the side-effects some experience from high doses of iodine.


I would like to clear something up.. I do not believe iodine is bad, I believe the focus on iodine is very high here and the lack of information about it is very low..

I think a sticky for this issues would be a great idea rather then just telling people iodine is iodine and hop on whatever u can get and load 50 mg..

Low body temps can be caused by other things besides ID..

Mercury poisoning and other heavy metals

High rt3 and adrenal problems..

Anyways my problem is the high loading. Mercola had Bernstein in an interview and he now recommends 12.5 mg daily. Although I feel this is still a very high dose I think it is alot more reasonable.

Also selenium and VIt c and a salt loading protocol should be introduced to loading.

Idoral should be used in my opinion. Iodine is not iodine... Iodine/iodide combination would be proper for loading or even supplementing.

I say check for antibodies,

Does no antibodies mean you don't have an autoimmune problem? What if something is attacking the white blood cells immune system is not working and the body is not producing antibodies??

One with hashi's or grave still needs iodine I get this but I don't feel loading heavy amounts with these conditions is going to lead to anything good.. I actually feel it may kill someone or give the wrong person a heart attack..


Check out the thyroid sticky, it has some information in it.


There is a lot of information in the thyroid sticky, but the amount of emphasis that is placed on it here in my opinion warrants it it's own sticky, much like estradiol.

Plus, it says nothing concerning the negative side-effects of overloading...

People should be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of it.

At the very least the thyroid sticky should be updated.



This was not meant to attack you, or anyone else for that matter.


I never took it as an attack at all :).. I don't know you to be like that


I really think this forum should elaborate a lot more with thyroid issues in general. It should have a whole sticky on just thyroid problems because thyroid production can have a big impact on androgen production.

Many, many things cause thyroid ill-function, Iodine is one of these things. It feels as if the role in Iodine is a little over emphasized on this forum. A comprehensive thyroid panel should be completed before even thinking about mega dosing Iodine. It may exacerbate hashimotos thyroiditis and hypothyroidism symptoms. This forum should outline adrenal issues, but I guess this is T nation...


Agreed with all of the above. The thyroid sticky should be updated comprehensively and there needs to be more caution about using iodine. I might have aggravated my thyroid issues by supplementing Iodine in high doses.

There should be a sticky on adrenal fatigue, too. But I guess the thing to do for people is to buy Wilson's book. Which I've done, and I read the whole thing, but it's really mostly about lifestyle changes and de-stressing.


If you want deeper thyroid issues, there are better venues on the WWW than here. Are we lacking links to these?

I agree that 12.5mg iodine per day is not a great idea for an ongoing maintenance dose. And by that I mean when one has obtained a good iodine loading as needed to address ID. Literature suggests that most are iodine deficient. So suggesting that most need some iodine replenishment [IR] then intelligent maintenance is reasonable. It might seem unreasonable for most people to do thyroid panels prior to fixing a deficiency. When we have guys here posting thyroid labs, we have some understanding of what is going on, so we are not advocating IR for no reason at all. Thankfully we can get body temperatures which are a deep indicator of thyroid function.

We also screen for [subclinical] hypothyroid symptoms which include feeling cold, weight gain, dry skin/hair, brittle nails. We have identified thyroid problems here without any prior labs. And we also are aware that many of the symptoms of hypogonadism are the same as hyperthyroidism. So we need to be looking cases with this in mind. We also need to watch that guys going on TRT do not crash on thyroid and/or adrenal inadequacy. Need to also watch for T tunnel vision that so many guys and there doctors fall get into.

As iodine deficiency is common in the population and quite common with guys here, I think that from the point of view of promoting health and vitality, that we should make iodine a routine issue.

Temperatures are a result of metabolic rate. T3 regulates mitochondrial function that is the foundation of cellular energy and metabolism. We cannot dismiss this with vague references to other possible causes. And we cannot be a resource for all possible conditions and toxins. Having said that, because bromines do interfere with iodine, bromine awareness seems to be a good related issue; but we do not get onto that much in the cases, but some pick up on this via the stickies and IR effects.

We do get suspicious of elevated rT3 when body temps are low and thyroid hormones otherwise appear to be optimal or even elevated.

I don't think that we can isolate iodine issues from 'thyroid basics' and we should not expect thyroid basics to evolve to be a replacement for STTM and other thyroid resources on the WWW.

We can craft a statement here about IR and I will insert that into the sticky. I have done something like that already.


Symptoms are just as good as labs and your right. If a person is presenting all the classic signs of thyroid problems then it's more then likely that they have a thyroid issue. Dosing with 12.5 mg probably would be ok if these symptoms exist. It's better to provide the nutrients to the thyroid over a long period of time then a few days a week. Just like adrenal fatigue, it may take week/months in order to get your glands working properly again.

I agree, the thyroid sticky shouldn't replace STTM, but a general overview of what STTM and what information you can get from that site would help alot of people. I think you have done this already.

I think adrenal issues should be expanded on a given it's own sticky. If your adrenal system is fucked, your whole endocrine system can fail. Dr Lam's articles are pretty comprehensive in explaining what adrenal fatigue is and what you can do to fix it. I am sure Dr Wilson's explanation of what it is also helps.


Yes we are lacking links and tons of information..

The thyroid basics sticky is misleading and the fact is many things can lower body temps and people are led to believe that if they have a low body temp they should hop on 50 mg of iodine and iodine is iodine.. This is a crock of shit..

I got an earful here about basing my opinion on my own experience when that's what ksmans approach to iodine is based on exactly.. His own experience. It worked for him so he assumes its everyone's answer.

Bottom line.... 50 mg is 333 time the recommended daily and I wasn't in Japan for the radiation exposure so it was insane for me to be led to load 50 mg of the stuff..yes it is my own fault for not educating myself further on the subject and listening to the crap.. I was desperate to try and feel better and instead I payed for my vanity and got worse..

I agree with shouk that if one was to load there is not reason to ever go to high levels.

If we are going to make things written in stone we should make sure the information is correct and the info about iodine on this site is incorrect and lacking proper instruction..

I'm not someone who enjoys this kind of shit I'm just a person who cares about others and doesn't want anyone to get hurt..


...and low tyrosine

I know we can only do so much here, and we can request labs all day long but at the end of the day we may or may not get that data and we are therefore flying in clouds with non-functioning instruments and a blown engine.

Guys just need to know that, while IT MAY be this (and probably is), but could ALSO be this...


Many have fixed subclinical hypothyroid symptoms with iodine replacement, see STTM. My history is simply a sketch of what can be going on that is useful to flesh out the facts with something that is easier to comprehend.

Please explain what causes of low body temperature that we can expect to see any perhaps any cases here where that was a factor. If we see low body temperature, other thyroid symptoms and there is history of low iodine intake; IR is warranted. We have an option of doing nothing.


I did IR a few months ago. Hadn't done thyroid tests before that so don't know whether it helped. My thyroid tests have come back normal recently. I didn't notice an increase in temp at all when taking it. I've been reading that adrenal problems can also cause low temps.

I have noticed recently that putting iodized salt on my meals makes me feel warmer and when I forget for a few days I feel a bit colder. Still kind of experimenting with it. But this makes me wonder whether I actually absorbed the Iodoral I took or whether it just passed through my system.


This is not what I am suggesting. I prefer wrong action over inaction (if choosing between the two). At least the wrong action allows you to rule something out and therefore continue to move forward.

I am not saying that IR is the wrong action here. Yes, there are other things that cause low body temperatures, but we can only do so much here.

I've seen several instances where guys will blindly follow you no matter what, and for good reason. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge and I, personally, take everything you say into account every time.

The problem lies with the person receiving the information you are providing.

You say "You are probably iodine deficient. Supplement with iodoral @__mg" (I'm paraphrasing, of course)
Adam Randomguy says "Ok, I'll do that. Thanks, KSman!"

Well, that's the end as far as we know it until Adam posts again. We have zero oversight over Adam, and Adam takes what we say as the bible. The problem is, Adam wasn't seeing the benefits soon enough, and Adam took it upon himself to increase his IR dosage to 100mg because he is impatient. Adam starts vomiting, goes into shock and starts having seizures. Adam was also deficient in selenium.

This story is wildly overkill. My point is, will you please update the thyroid basic sticky to provide the negative aspects that, while rare, can be possible?




What if you don't have any of the problems associated with low body temperature except for maybe not being able to lose fat. I don't have any of the normal issues but I run cold every morning at 95.2 and after noon at 96.9.... Today at 94.9 at noon. What gives