Iodine Replacement Causing Bad Breath

@KSman I read that bromine can cause smell when doing IR. My breathe is very smelly actually kids are complaining. You also said may feel sick. In what way? Am feeling this periodic pressure above my eye on forehead. Not sure if that’s a new GNC mega men multi I am taking , the IR (doing 30-50 mg a day), or clomid that I am taking 12.5 eod this week. Prior taking 25 eod for 4 weeks. Thanks. I know clomid has eye sides but wierd I would get while weening off.

The sides of higher dose iodine can show up as intestinal discomfort as iodine alters gut flora. When bromine is getting displaced and flushed out the odor can be like rotting fish. Then one has to wonder what environmental exposure or drugs loaded your body with bromines. Some sports drinks that had citrus oils used bromated vege oils that could be the source, but those are largely or fully phased out by now. Fire retardants can be based on bromines. The problem is largely self-limitings as the bromines are cleared. The free bromines can make some feel bad, but I cannot describe how one feels. This is the second post in this forum where this effect has been reported. So quite uncommon which then suggests that one’s bromine exposure is quite uncommon.