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Iodine Recommendations? (KSMan)


I measured wake up temp this morning and it was 96.8 indicating a thyroid issue from KSMan's postings. As far as Iodoral goes, they come in 12.5 and 50mg, which one should I get and how much should I take. Thank all of you for your help!


This morning (thurs) I got a wake up temp of 96.1. I have been on 50mg of Iodine for about three days now. When should I start seeing a change? It seems the temp is going in the wrong direction. Thanks for any help you guys!


I noticed a temp change with the first week, but the brain fog stuff was 3-4 days into it. Hope that helps.


Is Iodoral as good as the liquid Iodine? Any truth to the nascent iodine being absorbed more quickly? Thanks!


Iodoral is good stuff :wink: