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Iodine Protocol

Curious to see how many here have done/started the iodine protocol that Ksman talks about. There’s a ton of literature out there on it with a lot of it being controversial. Some functional/integrative Docs swear by it.

What kind of results have you seen?

How long did you stick with protocol? Did you start out with large dosages or ease your way up?

I started it about 10 days ago…ramped up to 20mg pretty quickly, definitely had some detox-like symptoms which I was trying to flush with real salt, vit c, b-complex, magnesium, etc. Thought i had bad reaction with detox when woke up 30 min after falling asleep with racing heart, anxiety, etc. Now thinking it was more likely the adrenotone supplement my Dr had me on, as I had taken one at 6pm and one at 9:30pm before going to bed. Dr. said it can definitely cause surge of energy and anxiousness and it’s not recommended to take after 6pm.

Anyhow, I’ve started back on it, very slowly, just about 2.5-5mg per day and gonna stay this way for a good while before thinking about moving up. The whole process seems confusing, unproven, and somewhat scary. If you look at other message boards, so many people have mixed results. There are multiple groups on Facebook, etc with people doing this protocol and having bad detox reactions, on it for years, etc.

I decided to do it after having low temperatures (low in AM and not rising too high), lack of reflexes, and cold hands/feet. Lab work seemed okay, although my rt3 was a little on high side. My Dr wanted to put me on Armour, but I want nothing to do with meds.

Just curious if any others have tried and what kind of results are out there.

just giving a bump up.

Monitor your morning temps to measure the effectiveness of iodine supplements.

I have done a lot of reading recently on basal temps, being at or below 97.3 in the morning does not mean you have a thyroid problem. Even discounting that, the basal temperatures that have come up here are mentioned as arm pit temperatures using Mercury thermometers which gives .5 degree upward measurement than the oral route. The fine margins we are looking for are also beyond the oral fever thermometers can catch at times. I do however agree that body temps as an average is very much a good indicator of thyroid function, i.e, if you consistently hit 98.6 or thereabouts mid day(whenever that might be dependent on when you start the day usually) then there’s nothing to be really concerned about. Everyone’s body is different and takes time to heat up.

This is not to downplay thyroid problems on here, many start at good temps but don’t warm up. I’ve seen temps as low as 97.4 midday. I myself start low, 97.2-97.5 usually but have woken up as low as 96.7 once but there’s not a single day I don’t hit 98.6-99 and my labs are good. Looking for problems in such a case seems a bit far fetched.

I’ve been hitting 98.6-98.8 pretty consistently over the last week or so in the afternoon.

AM temps have been low still.

And still have cold legs/feet throughout day too.

I don’t know what to think of the iodine protocol though - just don’t feel good about it. Did you ever try @equalo212?

I would not be worried if that’s the case and labs look good. Don’t buy into all this. Everyone is different. Do you have any symptoms of low thyroid function like generalised hair loss? Dry skin? Brittle nails and hair? Temps look good. The general idea for thyroid function and body temps is to be at the normal body temp-98.6 for the majority of the day when you seem to be active. Body temps are low with everyone in the morning and before bed time. During inactive days body may be a little slower to warm up, that is natural. Do you feel cold like you mentioned with the A/C being on low temp or in a normal warmer setting? because your temps don’t suggest you should be feeling colder in a normal temperature setting.

On what basis would you treat your thyroid with lifelong replacement meds? for being .2-.3 lower on an arbitrary “ideal” temperature in the morning? Have you spoken to your doc about this?

For me, i am going to take things one by one, thyroid labs look good, temps vary in the AM but consistent mid-day, around 4-5pm till 10pm or so, i am not working right now so i rise later. There’s no basis to act on it currently and i don’t have any symptoms of low thyroid function that are not common with low T. So i’ll manage the thing which glaringly low than worrying about something that looks okay if not the best.

I read your history on your thread with the doc willing to put you on thyroid meds just on the basis of oral body temp. The basal temp test mentioned with the thyroid function is used with armpit temps using a mercury thermometer, oral temps especially with non specific thermometer(normal thermometers) can be off by 0.5 degree on average so if labs look good and you hit normal temps in the day, i don’t see this as a reason to start replacement of any hormone.

Your doc maybe thinking that your T is normal and not low that’s why she may be willing to experiment with thyroid.

Check out a good but the most hypochondriac like site on the internet and what they have to say about this:

Another temperature clue occurs first thing in the morning before you raise from your bed. Dr. Broda Barnes, a doctor who paid attention to clinical presentation and prescribed the pre-reformulated Armour, found that a healthy before-rising morning basal temp should be between 97.8 – 98.2 (he used a mercury thermometer under the arm for ten minutes). If it’s higher, you may be hyperthyroid, and if it’s lower, you are most likely hypothyroid. If using an oral thermometer in the mouth and want to compare it to the way Broda Barnes did the underarm, leave in your mouth for five minutes, then subtract 1/2 degree from your result to make it closer to underarm temp taking — the latter which is usually lower.


Appreciate your replies. The main symptoms that I feel could potential be connected to thyroid problems are the temperature issues, especially in the a.m., in which I’m using a non digital mercury free thermometer, no reflexes, which I haven’t had in years, and cold hands/feet. Hair is fine, nails are fine, energy seems to be ok, not great. Do have anxiety issues still though.

Last thing I want to do is jump on medication that could be something I have to take the rest of my life. Four months ago I felt fine and had no issues with any of the symptoms. My stress response to the vasectomy that I had def set me into a downward spiral. Could I have had underlying issues? Maybe?

Exactly what i mean, you have low T and your symptoms match those of low T and i assume your thyroid labs are good. So i don’t see how treating something which looks okay would relieve the symptoms as the symptoms could more likely be originating for low T.

Low FT/Low T- same thing, leads to low energy, anxiety issues, mental fog, low libido (mine is once a month level low at 25), lack of response from lifting, dysthymia (mild recurrent depression). Your temps don’t look low to suggest your problems are caused by thyroid problems when FT is almost out of range low.

The thing except T i would look into would be adrenal problems which is a messy subject but your AM cortisol and lowish DHEA-S suggest potential adrenal insufficiency. I can’t tell you too much into adrenal function, i have not looked into it for myself as my adrenal labs look solid with AM cortisol at top of the range, DHEA-S being very good, progesterone being solid, PM cortisol being good. Someone more experienced may be able to assist you more on this.

Keep in mind that this is all my opinion, i am not a doctor and i am not even close to being professionally educated in this field so i could always be wrong but with the research i have done, i am giving you my views.

Yea, adrenals are what i’m thinking is causing my symptoms, if not Low T.

Adrenals and Thyroid seem to work hand in hand and have many similar symptoms as well. My biggest thing is trying to avoid going on meds.

4 months ago I didn’t need meds. Had the vas which has created a cascade of problems, maybe some underlying, but I’d like to try and build/repair myself through supplements, healthy eating, exercise, and taking care of myself.

Thanks again @equalo212

@iw84aces You still active on this site at all?