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Iodine: Not Sure If It's for Everyone


I have morning temps of ~ 95.7-96.4

I can't get to 98.0 during the day.

I have always had tsh of 1.90 or so.

I started 4 days ago taking 3 drops of nascent iodine in the morning.

Yesterday I ran my tsh and it was 2.90! My free t4 was 1.15.

I have had a lot of bowl movements lately, and stomach ache for short period of the day. However, I did seem to have more energy and not need coffee to get through the day...

What do you think Ksman or anyone else?



I don’t know how true this is but it may help.


Thanks for the video! I can’t say as I know how true it is either, but I will continue the iodine for now. I am after all seeming to get more energy.

Anyone else have any insights?


Can you report your temperatures here? I would like to see what happens.


sure thing. They haven’t improved yet though.


From Chris Kesser

“Be aware that high doses of iodine can lead to a transient increase in TSH levels, which can be mistakenly interpreted as a sign of hypothyroidism.”


yes this is very normal. same thing happened to me as well. Had a TSH of 2.0, started Iodine and it increased to 4.5. As long as your free T3 and free T4 levels are good and your temps are rising you’re good to go


So far my morning temp is still 95.7.

My temp in afternoon the other day got to 98.3, but most of the time is around 97 something.

Still taking 3 drops in morn.


How many mg’s of iodine is that? Flying blind here…

If iodine is revitalizing your body, your revitalized intestines may be working better.

Are your bowel movements distressing? If so cut back on the iodine to allow your body to adjust and try increasing slowly a bit later.


One drop is = 400mcg of iodine.

Today is the second day of 6 drops/day. I take three in am, and three in afternoon.

I tested my tsh and free t4 (only ones available at work) yesterday and tsh= 3.08, and free t4 = .96

My bowels have seemed to calm down.

Don’t have any negative sides anymore as of yet.

I will give morning temp and afternoon temp tomorrow due to the morning temp today was at 10:00am, instead of the usual 6:00am…I work two 16 hour shifts on sat,and sun.

Still haven’t reached 98.6 at anytime.


Morning temp. was 96.0

Temp. only got to highest of 97.3 today.

Still taking 6 drops /day (3 in am and 3 in afternoon.)



2400 mcg/day seams to be a light dose for replenishing the I level? I’m on 50mg a day for the last 15days and do feel better. My temps were monitored for 1 week before I started the IR protocol. average am temp (in BED) 95.8–96.3 never exceeded 97.5 during the day even on treadmill ect. Started IR 15 days ago and at day 3 I saw my first 98.6 and now 98.6 every day by 11am and stays there till 3-4pm.

Basil temp (am in bed) up very little 96.3-96.6 so that must be the slower side to respond??? But that is a good improvement for 15 days. I am wondering how long the 50mg dose is necessary to establish if the Hypothyroid issue is Iodine related? when do I do thyroid labs again to decide it Thyroid med is the only option?



Yeah, it is low dose. However, nascent iodine is supposed to be A LOT more absorb able and usable to the body than lugols or the like.

that is why I am starting slow.


Morning temp is 95.9

Been taking 3.2mg of nascent iodine / day for about 10 days or so now.

Temps have not improved at all.

TSH was 3.84 and free t4 was 0.84 on 10.18.14 (saturday).

I have started breaking out in acne all over upper body. I don’t know if it’s from the testosterone or the iodine. I am thinking it’s from the iodine because I haven’t had acne problem from TRT for a while now.


IMPORTANT: A SELENIUM DEFICIENCY CAN LEAD TO THYROID AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE. Please take a multi-vit that contains selenium, iodine and other trace elements. Taking iodine with a selenium deficiency is a really bad idea. This relationship is not mainstream knowledge but is widely known in some thyroid support and research groups.

Iodine replenishment can displace bromine toxins and some others that have occupied functional locations where iodine should be. The liberated bromines can make one feel unwell and cause a fishy body smell. Part of the acne? Hard to tell.

TRT can cause some transient acne. Yours sounds major. Acne or pimples?

IODORAL seems to be unobtainium. After the founder of the company died, it seems like production stopped. Liquid iodine products seem to be the most available alternative, and very affordable.


Ksman, I have been for a couple years, and currently am taking a multi vitamin that contains 200mcg of selenium, and 150 mcg of Iodine.

I don’t feel like I smell fishy. Also, the acne is more than I have ever experienced from TRT. I think it is due to the iodine.

they are mostly small pimples, but there is a few that got rather large. None are scarring or anything…yet.

I am currently taking nascent iodine


I take 4 drops twice a day. 3.2 mg.


It might take higher intake rates of iodine to displace bromines and bromine loads are quite uncommon, but we have had some reports here. But perhaps lower intake rates still displace bromines, but that might be at a slow rate and might not be noticeable if it is happening.

If iodine wakes up a sleepy metabolism, this might be the cause.


[quote]KSman wrote:
It might take higher intake rates of iodine to displace bromines and bromine loads are quite uncommon, but we have had some reports here. But perhaps lower intake rates still displace bromines, but that might be at a slow rate and might not be noticeable if it is happening.

If iodine wakes up a sleepy metabolism, this might be the cause.[/quote]

I am not quite sure what you are trying to say here.

What do you mean by bromine loads? Also, are you saying I should try to lower my dose to see if the acne clears up? And if I do lower it, and it clears, stay at the lower dose?

About the sleepy metabolism waking up…I don’t know if it is waking my metabolism up or not because my temps are not improving at all, and I don’t feel the same energy boost I felt at the beginning of in taking the iodine. Howsever, I don’t feel any less energy either.

Right now, it seems like the only thing that is happening is the acne. So, one negative and zero positive effect at the moment.

I have been researching the acne, and it appears to be “acneiform”. Not a major case yet, but noticeable for sure.


There are a lot of unknowns sometimes that one has to work around. These issues have not been reported here before. So one needs to speculate about what may be going on. You can always stop or reduct the iodine and see what happens and the results will be informative even though they may be confusing.

Quick search for [bromides skin pimples rash] is interesting:

Iodine can cause problems, but not very often. Technically, there could be problems if the iodine solution potency was wrong and very high.

The point is that perhaps you have bromines on board and iodine is setting them loose. Don’t know how one would prove this.