Iodine Hypothyroidism?

just wanted to ask if it’s possible for someone who never used iodized salt and suffers from elevated TSH levels ( maybe hypothyroidism ) to reverse that possible hypothyroidism just by using more Iodine and doing a IR for example and then maintenance ?



But cannot say this enough, it is very important to have an identifiable source of selenium in your diet. IR without selenium could lead to thyroid autoimmune disease.

Please do not create a lot of threads, at least keep a single tread for your case.

Selenium just from supplements around 100 mcg. Is that enough to cover doses like 750mg iodine for IR ?

I don’t think so.

Have you been taking the selenium for some time already? That would be good. Brazil nuts are good sources if you care for those.

Just started last week to take this supps for selenium / some iodine because I cared more and more about my TSH levels.

Glad that you are reading. Please see your other thread.