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Iodine/Dessicated Thyroid

@ksman I have been recording temperatures for 3 weeks now and am averaging 97 deg in the morning and 97.9 in the evening. I have yesterday started my Iodine dosing at 50mg of Ioderal per day (+200mcg Selenium) but have also got some dessicated natural porcine thyroid.

Would you advise starting the dessicated thyroid at the same time or waiting to see if the Iodine improves my temperatures first?

Many thanks

The response to iodine is quite variable. My first IR worked extremely well and I felt vastly better in 3 days. Temperature recovery was slower. I did not need anything else.

While you could try the thyroid med, this should be short term as using that is not the objective.

Don’t forget the selenium.

Thanks @ksman I am now 4 days in to 50mg/day and so far so good - taking 200mcg Selenium with it. Temps - early days but am hoping to see some increases. Certainly feels like some toxins leaving my body…

@ksman I am now 7 days in to my IR and can report;

  1. No side effects at all from the 50mg Ioderal dose - in all honesty, whilst I may be feeling a little better, it may also be placebo.

  2. Temps - morning average has stayed at 97 so no change to speak of, but evening temps have increased very slightly to 98.1 (from 97.9)

I guess after a week of this dose I had expected to see some meaningful change in temps - or at least a trend upwards, but this does not seem to be the case.

I will keep going at current dose as it may just take longer to see an upshift in metabolism.

Symptoms wise, I have;

  1. Sparse outer eyebrows - yes
  2. Fatigue - not really. I train at 7am 6 days per week and do not struggle with energy here. I am however tired after 8pm in the evening and am in bed by 10pm
  3. Dry skin /brittle nails - not really
  4. Struggle to lose fat - yes, although I am fairly lean (12%) I cannot lose the last of my belly fat regardless of diet or exercise (I have previously dropped kcals quite low and was unable to shift this belly fat despite being lean everywhere else)

I have always been a cold person in the mornings - the temps bear this out, and I do feel that my metabolism is sub optimal.

Does this sound like under-active thyroid or more like adrenal fatigue? (Which I have some but by no means all symptoms of)

Any advice or observations appreciated.

May need more time. In any case, lack of iodine is eliminated. From there, can be some other thyroid issue or rT3 blocking fT3 even as thyroid starts working better. You training schedule with liw iodine and liw body temps could elevate rT3. See the sticky for references to rT3, overtraining and stress.

Even when thyroid function is good and T levels are strong, that area of belly fat may not respond until E2 levels are favorable.

Hi @KSman - just a brief update;

Day 14 of Ioderal today - still feel fine (possible a little more energy in the evening and no side effects)

Ave morning temp 10 days pre IR : 96.9
Ave morning temp 10 days post IR : 97.1

Ave evening temp 10 days pre IR : 97.8
Ave evening temp 10 days post IR : 97.9

So we can rule out Iodine deficiency I guess.

I think my next step is to look at adrenal fatigue / low morning cortisol?

I have a tub of porcine thyroid and am tempted to try this to see what impact it has on thyroid function and morning temps/metabolism - I realise it could further overload my adrenals if they are not performing.

Do you think this is a sensible option to try first and might it yield a result?

Just a brief update - since completing IR I have started natural porcine thyroid at 1 grain per day;

Step 1 - IR @ 50mg/day for 15 days

Ave morning temp 10 days pre IR : 97.1
Ave morning temp 15 days post IR : 97.0

Ave evening temp 10 days pre IR : 97.8
Ave evening temp 15 days post IR : 98.0

So we appear to have ruled out any Iodine deficiency.

Step 2 - Natural porcine thyroid @ 1 grain / day and reduce IO to 12.5mg/week maint dose

Ave morning temp 7 days into NT : 97.1 (No change)

Ave evening temp 6 days into NT : 98.3 (.3 increase)

Ave daily temp 10 days pre IR : 97.35
Ave daily temp 15 days of IR : 97.5
Ave daily temp 6 days post NT : 97.7

Of note I have noticed a trend downwards in my morning temps since stopping the IR high dose - what was a fairly stable 97.3/4 has dropped down to 97 and then to 96.9 again today. Evening temps have remained fairly stable.

All fairly small numbers, with the only other notable change being a more stable temperature since starting the natural thyroid - much less variability day to day and an overall increase in daily average temp to 97.7

@KSman would love to know if you have any thoughts on this.

Have you checked that someone else can get 98.6 on that thermometer? A confidence test.

Are you able to explore higher NT?
Was this a Rx product?

Post IR, TSH will be dropping and would have been high from IR. So some rebound may be normal from that.

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Yes, in fact I am pleased to report that I have subsequently seen 98.6 on this thermometer.

Daily averages are now trending upwards, and yesterday saw 98.1 AM temp for the first time yesterday morning and daily average of 98.3

NT is now at 1.5 grains per day and can increase as desired - I was going to wait one more week before increasing to 2 grains?

The NT was not RX but bought online from Thailand - Thiroyd.

Makes sense on the rebound post IR.

It is safe to conclude that you do not have issues with [rT3, adrenal fatigue].

As your body responds and other organ systems recover function, the current dose may be enough and in theory, one might reduce dose later. So increasing your dose now might be premature. In any case, you can watch for feeling jittery, heat intolerant and watch for high body temperatures.

Great results!

Thanks @ksman - why can adrenal issues be ruled out?

Because if elevated rT3 was a factor, your T4 medication would not work, rT3 would increase and temperatures would not recover.

As rT3 is not a problem, you do not have adrenal fatigue induced elevated rT3.

Simple! - if you know how to connect the dots or read the tea leaves.

[Its engineering mind applied to endocrinology.]

Got it - thanks very much @KSman

I guess I am looking for continued increase in temps?

Last few mornings have started to drop gradually in the morning to 97.4 / 97.5 so daily average has also dropped last 2 days…

Noted. Not the right direction.

@ksman I would like to give an upodate and ask your advice.

I have just returned from holiday (sun) for 2 weeks with no training, plenty relaxation, rising naturally at around 8am and no supplements (just NT) - during this time morning temps were generally 97.5 and evening 98.6. Having now returned to work/training/early rising (6am) I have seen morning temps down at 96.4-6 for the last two mornings and evening temps at 98.3-4

I am speculating that the stress / adrenal load of early mornings / training / work may have contributed or be the reason for this?

The only other change has been a slightly cooler night time temperature in the bedroom as AC is better at home than away.

Thyroid meds at 2 grains per day (1 morning and one evening)

I would welcome any insight and also any ideas for addressing this?

Part of this may be 6am temps VS 8am temps.

Makes sense - I certainly feel the timing of my wake up impacts my level of warmth. Does this indicate a cortisol issue and is it something I can address to make sure I am physiologically more “ready” at 6am when I rise?

Body temp drops at night, so some of this is expected.

Understood - but was hoping to see mid 97’s at least in the morning as I had been at 8am.

So nothing I can do to make earlier rising a more natural thing with higher temps and a firing metabolism?

Are you saying that as long as I get to 98.6 by evening then I should relax about this?

There are folks who have low temps all day and those who get warmed up in the afternoon. So you issue is less of a problem.

When you take your T4 medication, the earlier the better. Part of the problem with T4 meds is that your levels are not controlled well during the night. Higher levels in the evening might cause wakefulness. So a tricky thing to balance.