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Iodine Deficiency. How Long with Supplements Until Resolved?


Writing just a general question. First, background: I suspect I’m iodine deficient, thanks to the great articles provided by @KSman and lab results indicating non-clinical hypothyroidism (secondary – as I have a prolactinoma, full background here) .

I’ve been taking kelp pills for ~1 week now, and been checking my oral temperatures regularly throughout the day. They still rarely get above 97F, only 97.7F when I’ve been walking around. I average 96.4F throughout the day.

Question is: how long is the average uptake of all this iodine to increase my body temperature, and do all the good things to my thyroid that a balance of iodine should do? I do also take a multivitamin (One A Day Men’s) with selenium in it, since I know that’s important.


Not sure if results are to be expected from 7X.66 = 42.6mg. Most experience here is larger dosing.

Have you seen someone else hit 98.6F with that thermometer to have confidence in it?

Thank you for the links.

As your fT3 was 3.2, with low body temperatures, we suspect that rT3 is interfering/blocking T3 to some extent at T3 receptors. And this leads to considerations of stress and adrenal fatigue.

Have you looked for references to these in the thyroid basics sticky?
adrenal fatigue
Wilson’s Book?

With adrenal fatigue and your fT3=3.2, it makes some sense that iodine replenishment would be resisted to some extent. While that is assumed, low T4 [total] may be suggesting iodine deficiency. I did ask about iodized salt in the other post and you did not respond to that, but as you are taking kelp capsules now, I assume that you were not using iodized salt.

I did high dose iodine replenishment [IR] years ago with great results. Years after, my body temps were down and IR did nothing, got Rx Nature Thyroid [dedicated] and body temps did not increase. Suggested to doc that it looked like a rT3 problem and got Rx time release T3 and that works for me. Not really known if firmly adrenal fatigue or if I developed reduction in ability to convert T4–>T3. My rT3 at this time is not low, but unremarkable. My T4 is low because T3 is repressing T4, so less T4 for T4–>rT3 and my fT3 in the morning before my daily dose is nicely above mid-range. So some of the objectives are achieved. So there is a story that illustrates some of the things that can be involved.

I like the way your posts are organized.