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Iodine and Low Basal Temp Experiences


Has anyone had success raising their basal temp with Iodine? Assuming my low body temp is due to thyroid issues I’m trying to raise it with iodoral. I take 6mg a day but it makes me feel absolutely wired so afraid to take more, also getting a frontal headache. 4 days in and no change in low basal temp.

Daily regieme:
Iodoral 6mg
Selenium 200 ug
Vitamin C 3-4 g
(also fish oil, vit d, vit k, curcumin).

Typically 96.4 when taken immediately upon waking and I’ll peak at 97.5 during the day, never had a higher reading than this. I live in a cold country and I’m not sensitive to cold, quite the opposite- sensitive to heat. Outer eyebrows are fine too.

I’ve been using the evil pink salt for a while and I dont eat dairy (except whey) so its likely my diet is low in iodine.

Awaiting endocrinologist referral so no labs yet.

It works for problems caused by simple iodine deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency [sub-optimal] is possible in your climate.